Friday, May 23, 2014

What will be the future for ROBLOX's first person shooter games?

As ROBLOX has advanced, the FPS genre has become more in depth and realistic as creators explore different scripts and new way to improve their FPS games. The talent of some builders have actually managed to make their games look at believable as popular shooters such as, Call Of Duty, Halo, Battlefield and many other top shooters on the market. The future seems to be getting more detailed with famous ROBLOX builder, Litozinnamon adding constant updates to 'Call Of Robloxia - Dev Tests' which improve the detail on weapons, added animations and new excellent gun sights. Also just like the real Call Of Duty, the creator has added different game modes such as Search And Destroy and Domination which gives the game a little more for the players to do, instead of constant TDMs (Team Death Match). However, even some of the best ideas slowly die down in popularity, such as, 'Avert The Odds II'. An excellent original shooter which sadly was forgotten, even though it had fantastic ideas.
Weapons in development.

Of course, if you keep up to date with your ROBLOX shooters you'll already know about 'Boarderline', a project that has been put off so many times, it has left some users to believe it'll never come out. Unlike Call Of Robloxia - World At War, Borderline is set in a modern setting with modern weapons and modern sights such as acog and red dot. The creator, 'StudioMM' has not allowed the place to be open, however so far we can see the art on the front of it is very Battlefield inspired. 

Do you have any favorite ROBLOX FPS games to share? Let me know, in the comments.