Saturday, May 3, 2014

Interview with Luckymaxer

Recently I caught up with the newest Gear Scripter (and also my friend), Luckymaxer. He was hired around Valentines Day and scripts the gears that come on on Fridays, which I review on my weekly Gear Friday Overview articles. Anyways, I caught up with Luckymaxer and asked him about his past on ROBLOX, and his present on... well, ROBLOX.

1. When did you join ROBLOX?

2. How long have you been scripting lua?
Since the beginning of time, as in not too long after I joined.

3. When did you start scripting the gears? How did it all take place?
About a week before the Skeletal Sword was released is when I scripted my 1st gear, aside from the Ban Hammer - which a while after, eventually scripted Tone's Cape on request. Soon later, I was offered to script gear for ROBLOX.

4. How many gears have you scripted?
Currently 45.

5. What is your favorite gear that you scripted?
Out of all the ones I scripted, probably the Pi Launcher.

8. Do you enjoy scripting the gears?
Depends on the type of gear, if it's interesting or not.

9. If you had a choice to script whatever you want and make it into a published gear, what would you make?
I'd probably go with something in the sense of a remote control, which gives a player the ability to control another player, without actually merging or swapping bodies with that player.

10. Lastly, do you like pancakes?
 Pancakes are usually fulfilling or soggy or just taste gross, and the caramel coloring in syrup has a cancer causing agent in it, which keeps me away from it.

Thanks for reading!