Saturday, May 10, 2014

Place Review: The Mad Murderer!

Venture into the popular game creator Loleris's world of The Mad Murderer! In this clever spinoff of Gary's Mod Murder, there are some really fun changes made, and original gameplay.

In the Mad Murder, One person is selected murderer, another Sheriff, and every other player is innocent.  I will now go through the roles of each title. However, the roles of sheriff can change, when the sheriff kills an innocent person, or dies, he/she drops his gun, any innocent can then pick it up, and become the sheriff.

The Murderer
As the Murderer, your job is to stay hidden (mostly not the case), do not get killed by the sheriff, and to kill everyone. The murderer is equipped  with a throwable knife, and an item that reveals player's identity. That item only has three uses, make  them count! The murderer can go to the shop and buy items that will help them, such as taking more shots from the sheriff's gun before dying. The murderer can also buy cool knife accessories, to customize their deadly weapon.

The Sheriff
As the Sheriff, your duty is to protect the innocents from the murderer, try to stay hidden as the Sheriff,to expose the murderer (as they are often looking for the sheriff), and to kill the murderer. The sheriff is armed with a revolver, one that has a quite unreliable ammo load, as you can only fire one shot before having to reload. The sheriff can upgrade this, and buy perks at the store.

The Innocent

Innocent bystanders roles are to witness crimes and point out the murderer to the sheriff, and to try to do the job of the sheriff if the sheriff dies. The innocent role gets the most points, I think this is because of them having a role that doesn't get to do that much.


The game's economy, is of points (which is distributed by: Surviving innocents usually get around 5 points each, the last sheriff (last person to hold the gun) gets 3 points, and the murder gets points according to how many people he has killed (Maximum is around 15). Players can trade in points for credits, credits then allow the player to purchase items at the store.

In conclusion, the game could branch off a bit more from the Garry's mod game, but has good gameplay; graphics; and scripting none the less.

Gameplay: 8
I say this because it is a addicting and really fun game to play, adding the experience with the sound effects. However, it could be more original, and branch off.

Scripting: 10
The game visuals, sound effects, and gameplay all correlate well with the timing of events, and the script. It is amazing, as is suspected from loleris.

Visuals: 9
The games maps are amazing, very detailed, and fun. The player also gets a randomly generated character, with diverse clothing to show a lot of ROBLOX "fashion" sense.

Overall: 9/10
It's a great game and it's really fun to play. The visuals, sound effects and brilliant scripting make this game a reality.

Thanks for reading!