Monday, May 26, 2014

Introducing: Look of the Week!

Hey everybody!

I'm Supermario311, and I am hosting a new weekly post, called Look Of The Week.
It is simple, send me the link of your own made outfit on a message on ROBLOX. If I think your outfit outshines every other entry, it will win and will be up on the blog for a week! I will talk about how I like it, and give it a rating, as well as how to make it better.
Now you have the opportunity to show off your creativity! 

How to enter Look Of The Week:
1: Go to 'Character'
2: Go to the 'Outfit' option and click 'Create New Outfit'.
3: Click the Gear button beside the outfit and select 'Download As Image'
4: Copy the link and send the message to 'Supermario311' with the title 'Look Of The Week'
(I always read my messages, so don't worry!)

I will pick the winner hopefully every Sunday, so even if you don't win, you have another chance each week(The more valuable/ expensive the outfit is, the better).

On some occasions, like Halloween or Christmas, I might do a big Look Of The Month, where I will be on a server, and will do a 3rd, 2nd and 1st place award! 

I hope you enjoy this new competition. Good Luck!

This is a Community Article written by supermario311. He put forward this mini-contest idea to Roblox News, and we will be following this up every weekend. Look out for our weekly 'Look of the Week' posts from supermario!

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