Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Sale 2014: Expectations

Since like, last year, or something, ROBLOX has had tons of sales during the year, including the largest sale, Black Friday, then some smaller ones, like Veteran's Day, President's Day, and, well, Memorial Day. A recent poll went out to all users where they could vote for what items they wanted limited, on sale, discounted, etc. Well, today, the poll results came in, and it doesn't look very exciting (though I do have some exciting leaks (shh) for the end of the post).

So, I'll just be going over the many items in the notification that has the poll results listed.

Two of the following will go limited.
These items seem semi-promising to go limited. Korblox Crystal Circlet came out over Clan Weekend last week, made by TREVOR818730. They were quite popular, and timed. I don't really think that they will go limited, because some of the other items are much more popular than this circlet, though it does have an okay chance (it being in the top 4, and all..)
Leopard Fedora came out a while ago, but it was glitched. It was supposed to go be limited but.. never really.. got that far. It didn't start selling until a recent sale, when it was created. It has high popularity throughout the community, and is known as being the "glitched hat that everybody is talking about." Out of the 4 of these items, I can honestly say that Leopard Fedora has the best chance to go limited.
Wanwood Sombrero, A.K.A Bluesteel Sombrero 2.0, was released on Cinco De Mayo this year right after Bluesteel Sombrero went limited. It has less owners than its bluesteel version has, though the bluesteel one is old, many owners possibly quit, and the bluesteel one didn't win by much. Do I think Wanwood Sombrero is popular enough to become limited due to the poll? Maybe. Do I think I'll make profit? Nope. Sorry IBarrageI, it looks okay though.
The last item seems random to me, Scroll of Sevenless was released last year, and I honestly didn't think that it was popular enough to be featured in the poll preview, then again, I was wrong about a lot of things (I'll cover that later in the post). I honestly think that this will go limited, because it seems like a random item, so they must have it here for a reason, right? (Like Naval Brigade a few months ago, totally random, but it went limited).
Overview: Leopard Fedora and Scroll of Sevenless will most likely be the ones to become limiteds.
If you wanted something else, like the Doomsekkar to go limited, don't fret! More items are bound to go limited than just these two!

One of these packages will be sold for 50% off.
Alright, I guess I'm kind of happy with these results, though surprised about the robot one. Each will be discounted 50%, and they're some okay looking packages, but I really don't care for them. Korblox Mage (middle) will be 350 robux, Alar Knights of the Splintered Skys (left) will be 575 robux, and Mr. Roboto (right) will be 250 Robux.
Overall: Alar Knights of the Splintered Skys, being the most expensive, will probably be discounted.

One of these hats will be sold for 50% off.
As with the packages, I really don't care for discounts, so I'll just quickly go through these. Sir Rich McMoneyston, III, to the left, is the most expensive. At 50% off, it'll be about 5,555 robux, which is a large discount. Shaggy, which is most likely only here because of trolls, will be 25 tix instead of 50! Wow! Big discount! Lastly, Empyrean Reignment, to the right, will be discounted from 330 robux to 165.
Overall: Hopefully, Sir Rich McMoneyston, III will be discounted 50%, because the other two are just ridiculous. I can see shaggy being discounted though, because.. well, you know.. trolls.

Two of these off-sale items are going back on sale.
Okay, so the first item is Neon Green Hair which was a card item, so apparently card items are going to sell for robux now? Well, according to a tweet from Brighteyes, they will, which means that this hat will most likely be going back on sale, for how much, I don't know.
Next up is some random bee hat. I have no idea what it is, when it was made, or when it came out, but it's ugly, and most likely not going back on sale. If it does, well, I have no idea what it is. Then we have Rainbow Hatbot, which was made a few weeks ago, which was 500 robux, and my personal favorite from the group, DIY Dominus Empyreus, made on April Fools day, which was 133 Robux
Overall: DIY Dominus (my favorite from the list), and Neon Green Shaggy (based on BrightEye's tweet) will most likely be going back on sale, though Rainbow Hatbot has a good chance.. and then the bee thing is just... I have no idea.
As with the items going limited, there are most likely many other items going on sale.

And lastly...
An item inspired by a MechaWaffle art will be published.
Cough, Cough:
It looks cool, similar to the cat scarf, though it's nothing I would buy. I feel bad for the dog that was stretched out like that, though. Ouch.

Oh, and last but not least, we'll be getting some anticipated dual green swords, a new meme hat who really doesn't care, a very patriotic bucket, and even a top hat made out of bacon.

Thanks for reading! 
I'll possibly be doing an overview of the sale on Monday!