Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thank You Shedletsky!

From all of us at the Roblox News team, and everyone on ROBLOX, we thank you. You have inspired many young minds and adult minds alike, and have helped us all get to where we are today. You have helped Roblox progress for the past 8 years and I am thrilled to have had the chance to have met you, even if only for brief periods of time.

When I asked these people how you inspired them, I got these responses, and I am sure everyone agrees with them!

"He inspired me to continue working on my blog after he supported the blog officially through the (now defunct) blogroll. 
He linked articles to Roblox News on his Twitter and ran a contest with us. In this way, he was a source of encouragement and support from the heart of the ROBLOX team and spurred me to continue this blog to this very day." - Arbirator

"Well, Shedletsky is the type of person who I've always seen as "Father of Kestrel". Besides Dave and Erik, Shedletsky is the main Admin who has connected with the Users day to day for the past 6+ years that he has worked with Roblox. He has made many famous leaders as myself, really understand that there is more to this game than just the "games". It's a whole world, a world of experience, determination, thrive, and just awesomeness. So that is what Shed has done to inspire me, innovating Roblox day to day." - Reliux

"Shedletsky is a great user, but in my mind he will always be Telamon's alt." - Seranok

"Well. I can't honestly say he was an inspiration on something I do, But I can say his personality is something that has really rubbed off on me, and has really shown me how even though we live in such a serious world, you can still make light of it." - IBarrageI

"Well, he inspired me to create lots of games and he was always sort of a Roblox legend. Whenever he wore a new hat, it always made me want it xD" - Jalki

"John wasn't just funny, he was a happy face and a fusion kind of guy, he made Roblox what it is today, and I'll miss seeing him as often." - Mazux

"I was never a huge player of his games, however I think his ideals of life are the same as mine. He wants to keep moving on to something bigger and better and he's far ahead of me so I look up to him." - Rukiryo

"Uhh... Fried Chicken?" - Flingi2

"John was always the admin who made me laugh. But I most admired his programming skills. They inspired me to begin programming myself, and for that I will never forget him." - VendettatheGreat

Thank you once more Shedletsky!

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