Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weekly Place Showcases: Week One

   Hey there, xLando here. Today I am bringing you last week's weekly place showcase. The weekly overview is when I find new, and exiting places each week, and give you a brief description of them. This can hopefully turn into a weekly article, alongside my regular place reviews. In a weekly overview,I normally showcase 5-7 games, depending on what I find. Note: The place may not be popular, but the point of this is to introduce you to new, and interesting places.

6) Coming in at number six, is Work at A Pizza Place. A classic, created in 2008, styled after someone working at a pizza place, with multiple jobs. The jobs range from being the manager, to being a supply-truck driver. The game had a huge update, bringing in a number of features such as emotions (roblox character does an action relating to a feeling, for example screaming when scared.) and more detail to houses.

5) Don't Blink.
This game depicts Doctor Who's 'Weeping Angels', which are deadly statue-like alien creatures. In Don't Blink, a few players are selected weeping angel, who have to find and kill all the angels before the survivors can hunt them down, stare at them, and eradicate them. Angels have the ability to turn off all light, so they can stealthy kill you.

4) Death Run 2
In this popular game, there is multiple death traps that runners have to go through, one other person is selected to activate the traps at the just right moment. The game is quick, and fun, as the runners have to go as fast, yet be as careful as they can. Deathrun's map graphics are absolutely stunning, and the gameplay is amazing.

3) The Apocalypse games
In this fun multiplayer arena, there are multiple game-modes, such as death-match, and survival. It is centered around apocalypse rising, with shorter maps, and quicker games. The apocalypse games bring fun and immersive gameplay to apocalypse rising, and its successors.

*Note: I will not showcase games I have already reviewed as a stand-alone review here. I also may review games I showcase here*

2) In this spinoff of Garry's mod Murder, one person is selected Sheriff, another Murderer, and the rest innocent. It does not have to much expansion from Gary's Mod Murder, but it is still fun to play none the less. This game is recommended for players who like random killer games, and a chase, hunt, run theme.

1) At the top of the list would be The Mad Murderer, but I have already reviewed it, as you can see here, so it is...            Watch Dogs

In this roblox parody of the much raved Watch_Dogs, this game has amazing graphics, combined with the gameplay of being a hacker, able to control the environment, and manipulate matter to your will. This game has it all for people who like to control their environment (RTS players) and people who like to hack and gain personal information about others, while hidden (Murder Mystery types).