Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hat Review - Overseer Major General

Hello guys, IceFang here, hope you're enjoying the week and lets kick off with another addition to the Overseer collection. (Again?)

On first thoughts, it looks like a fairly decent hat, doesn't it?
Well, at least the last thing I would have thought it looked like when I clicked that link was this,

On a scale of 1-10,  how would I rate this hat?

Don't even ask why I'm questioning myself, I figured that it was a pretty interesting addition to this article xP. (Plus I needed to fill up space, otherwise I'm not doing my job.)

1) I'd give it a solid 6. Mostly because of the fact that most overseer hats are really nothing 'special' anymore yet this one has quite a good texture on it making it better than the average Overseer hat, yet I wouldn't agree too much on it's price. The overseer eye looks great where it is placed and the green, stone-like texture looks pretty cool around the rims of the helmet.

Is it worth buying?

2) Not that I want to discourage any of those Overseer lovers out there to prevent buying it, (Seriously, I'm not stopping you) But I really think the idea of this hat is not genuinely the best in it's series, I mean, it would have gone much better if it was a limited U, but the way it's styled doesn't keep it's door open for hat combos all that much. (As far as my creative mind goes, which is not saying something).
So I would keep the choice all up to you, the buyer, whether you think it would be a nice addition to your collection of hats.

Most of it's review score is down to it's price, it perhaps might have been better off at a starting price of 250 robux, but hey, you can't buy that Major General spot for nothing. ;)