Sunday, September 14, 2014

Top Catalog Items of the Week: 14/09/14

Hi there! Welcome to a new Roblox News series where we scour the catalog for the single best hat and gear item released in the last seven days (it may also include packages and faces, but this depends on how many have been released). To qualify for this prestigious position, the items will have had to be on-sale in the ROBLOX catalog in the past week so it could be obtained - collectible items are eligable to be chosen. This means items that have special requirements such as achievement rewards, gamecard exclusives and contest prizes are not eligable to be chosen.

The point of these articles is to highlight the very best official ROBLOX content and to help those on strict robux budgets get the best items can money can buy at reasonable prices. Factors that will influence our final choices are the look and variety of the items, and how they appear on a ROBLOXian character, but also their price (value for money) and their abilities if they are a gear item. So without further ado, let's get into our first article!

Hat(s) of the week: 

Before I started on this article I had a firm idea of the top hat of the week to put into this. However, as Sunday progressed I realised there was a new contender for the top hat of the week. Therefore we have two winners this week as I believe both are equally deserving of such a prestigious nomination. Both are above the level of quality we have been recently seeing on ROBLOX and boast an element of creativity that we don't always see. So without further-a-do here are the two top hats of the week:

Wolf Knight 
Limited U
Price trending at R$700-800

This is a fantastic looking item that looks mysteriously like a certain Game of Thrones character's helmet. His name is Sandor Clegane 'The Hound'. To start with, this item has a fantastic mesh that at least seems to be higher poly than some recent items released this weekend. There are no blocks or rough edges in sight with a curved nature to the mesh. This paired with a fantastic shaded texture makes this an excellent hat for medieval and fantasy fans. The pure detail of the artwork and design that went into this item makes it a top item for me, despite the fairly high price tag - it's around R$700 now (Limited U). 1000 have been sold and for such a good looking item, I'd say this is a fair price. Considering I am a massive Game of Thrones fan, this was a must-buy for me!

Second Division Cavalry Hat
Priced at R$110
This is another high quality-looking hat that was released over the weekend. It features a stunning mesh with intricate details such as the golden tassels on the end of the string wrapped around the center of the cap.  It also features sword symbols and the number '2' in reference to its name, the 'Second Division Cavalry'. I believe it was released to coincide with the Civil War Artillery gear item, as they are both from similar time periods. At a price of R$110, this item is incredibly affordable and has both an excellent, detailed mesh, but also a realistic texture finish.


Gear of the week: 

As with hats and packages, gear items have also taken a hit to quality as a result of the drive by the ROBLOX team to lower polygon counts on 3D models in order to reduce in-game lag. However, every so often they still release some great looking gear items that manage to remain attractive desptire their lack of polygons. It would seem they are improving their optimisation of low-poly items  for the best possible outcome.

Civil War Artillery 
Priced at R$600

Civil War Artillery
Whilst this item clearly has a fairly low polygon count compared to some gear items on ROBLOX, the artist team have pulled off the mesh well and have left plenty of room for detail to be included with the texture. The texture on the wood looks very realistic with worn marks. The metal part of the cannon casing follows this style with parts worn to look like it has seen battle - a very detailed touch. Of course the real magic in this gear comes from the ability - ROBLOXians can control a fully articulated cannon, deciding where to aim their artillery piece to fire on their unlucky foes. For R$600, a good looking gear item with such a powerful ability surely makes it into our top catalog items of the week with a well-deserved place!


So that wraps up the top catalog items of the week 14/09/14. Check back next Sunday for our next rundown of the best and latest catalog items!

Thanks for reading!