Friday, September 5, 2014

Speed Run Game Review


Game Review : Speed Run

Today's game review is Speed Run created by lolbunnyface, a new game that has recently popped up onto the front page of Roblox. What is Speed Run? Well as the title suggests, it is a classic styled obstacle, sped up.

Gameplay 6/10: The concept of Speed Run is simple. Finish the obstacle and get to the end. Simple enough, but you realize as soon as you step onto the start of the obstacle, your Robloxian's walkspeed dramatically increases, allowing you to make jumps that would otherwise be impossible, and running long stretches at an incredibly fast pace. There are no complicated GUIs, storylines, or controls, just your standard W,A,S,D and mouse for camera movement. The gameplay in general is very simple, and is just a "moderate" challenge. A score of 5/10 was given to Speed Run, because it does have its own take on obstacles, but isn't as interesting as other obstacles such as Deathrun.

Aesthetics 5/10: Speed Run's building is very basic. No intricate details, no complex shapes, meshes or lighting. Although Speed Run lacks features that other games have, each stage has a different theme, keeping each level fresh and exciting. Speed Run was given a 3/10 on aesthetics because it is very basic, although it has the classic ROBLOX feel, it isn't done as well as other games.

Scripting 3/10: The coding that went into Speed Run is very basic. Unlike other major hits on Roblox,  there are no GUIs, toolscripts, or anything else for that matter. I have given the game a 1/10 for scripting, simply because it lacks scripts.

Speed Run Debunked: After a brief investigation, I will tell you how the game works. Speed of your Robloxian is increased by touching that gold brick. If you avoid the gold brick, your walkspeed will stay the same, compromising your ability to play the game. The starting and finishing platform changes your walkspeed back to normal. Teleports are nothing new to ROBLOX, and I'm sure most of us have used them at one point or another.

In the end, I would like to say that lolbunnyface did a great job marketing the game, getting it up to first page, but has a low replay value, as well as features of any kind. Would I suggest the game? Yes, it is fun and simple, but if you decide not to play, its no big deal either.

The final rating of the game after rounding to the whole comes to a total of 47/100.
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