Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Game Review: Very Important Person

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At the time of this review V.I.P had
3195 thumbs up
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And was favourited 13,055 times

The gameplay of V.I.P is a simple but addictive one, Players are split into 2 teams: the Officials and the Terrorists, with 2 game modes In the First game mode The terrorists are tasked with killing the president  while the officials Protect the president at all costs while bringing the president to the safe room. This game mode can be quite interesting because the Terrorists have a bigger team but have lower grade weapons and the Officials at certain times go hunting terrorists instead of protecting the president (If all the officials are dead the officials win) . This is one of the few First Person Shooters that force you to work as a team: there is a team chat given and often players split up into groups for certain tasks such a protecting the president, scouting, etc. The second game mode is also very interesting. Again players are split into 2 teams Officials and Terrorists, but this time the teams are balanced but the Officials are placed considerably further from the M-Coms (I’m getting ahead of myself). The objective of the game mode is for the Terrorists to destroy the M-Coms and as you probably guessed for the Officials to protect them.

One of the best parts of this game is the unlockables:
Riot shields, Famas, Binoculars and whole selection of hats. You buy them from points which you get for winning a match and not dieing. And it all automatically saves. Another great feature is the player points, People are earning 36k+ player points out there. You earn 5 player points per kill.

Gameplay 8/10
Yeah it’s a great game to play, by far one of the best Co-Op shooters on ROBLOX. It all just adds up to something great.

 Scripting 8/10
Almost perfect, The GUIs are beautiful, he uses sliding GUIs and even surface GUIs brilliantly. Again it could be improved, the guns don’t even have a reloading animation.

Building  7/10
Maps could be made with more detail, then again there is no lag and there maps are bigger than other First Person Shooters.

Overall 7.6

Overall its a great dynamic game on ROBLOX.

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