Thursday, September 11, 2014

DevCoffee: RN Summer Intern

Hello there! Im DevCoffee, or you can just call me Zach.

As some of you may know, I am one of your newest interns at ROBLOX News! As you read along this, I will be telling you mainly about myself and what brings me here to RN.

First off, I love... bacon... and Robloxians too! What mainly brought me here is the fact I love blogging and informing users within a big community. Therefore, I am here today working for RN as an intern.

Some hobbies and jobs I have on ROBLOX that are important to me: scripting and building are one of my hobbies also RBXDev, and ROBLOX Support Team. Why I like these is because RBXDev allows me to do more as I strive through ROBLOX and the Support Team allows me to connect with user's and help them out with their journey.

More about me; I am a great coder with the following: Java, Lua, C+, C++, C+++, Batch, DOS, Python, PHP, Assembly, CSS, and HTML. Favorite Color: Blue and Red.

ROBLOX Life: Joined back in 2009 on my main account that I have abandoned now, and now on DevCoffee.

Previous Username's:  GodOfClothes, racball12, devJustus, godofpoots, godofericfire, DrClothes, DevCoffee.

I hope this get's you to know me a little and why I am here, have a great day ROBLOXians and I hope your journey on ROBLOX is amazing.