Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome ZeTripod: your moderately new Intern!

Hello all curious Robloxians, and welcome to the long awaited arrive of my Bio! I am ZeTripod: your basic, yet random, and curious enough ROBLOXian to join this Blog!
I started playing Roblox in 2009, when I was in fifth grade. I was on my old profile back then, miniman2605. My friend got me hooked when a new Halo RPG came out, resulting in explosions, Bloxxed Robloxians, and of course, sparked my love for team vs. team wars. This lead to my love of Groups, and I tend to become very sucked into groups very easily. I accept Friend Requests often, Answer all PM's and am currently working on Re-vamping my group, Infesco Armed Forces. But anyways, you guys aren't here to hear about that! Here is my life in a nutshell...

I was Born In California, Raised until Age Thirteen in California, and Moved to Missouri. California is where my love for Roblox sparked, and Missouri is where is really became an Inferno. By inferno, I mean an all consuming, Friends joining in, School wide recruiting Roblox inferno. I am 16, and my life is consumed by Army JROTC and Roblox.. Everything I do relates to JROTC or Roblox, and have Amazing effects if blended and served cold... AKA Groups. Groups inspired me to Join JROTC, and I am now successfully the Highest ranking Junior in JROTC, A Cadet Captain and S5, A seniors rank. Groups inspired me to join JROTC, and in exactly one year, I will join the united States Army as an E-2, go to college to Become a Officer (Second Lieutenant), and Lead a Highly efficient, and well trained group of Military police. But until then, and possibly after, I will be doing Blogs for this great Blog, and Delving Deeper into The world of Groups.

I look forward to you all reading this, and getting feedback from you Roblox lovers out there!