Sunday, September 28, 2014

Game Review - le bote

Hello, guys! I'm EpicOculus, a new Game Journalist.

I just finished my homework, and decided to play le bote, a naval combat game that has been very popular among ROBLOXians.

Upon joining the game, you are confronted with a welcome GUI explaining the controls and letting you either play, or view the changelog. When clicking 'Play', you get to view your ship. If you are a brand new player, yours will look like a small PT Boat, with the default ship skin, cannons, etc. You as well start at the first rank, Ensign - 1. I've played a lot, so I prepare my Golden Granite-skinned Cruiser, The Soviet Onion, with MK-2 Radar Jammer and MK-4 Radar, missles, drones, autocannons, and torpedos, for battle.

You would move your ship with the traditional WASD. You can jam radar if you have a Radar Jammer, repair your ship, or, if you have aircraft or drones, launch them, make them attack your target, or land them back on your ship.

I carefully made my way through the aisles of land that threatened to beach my ship. I was then cast onto the battlefield we call the ocean. An enemy destroyer put up a fight against my aircraft by using their Anti-Air guns, which did little to hinder my drones combined with 21 Medium Missiles and 40mm Auto-cannons. The enemy Destroyer sunk in half a minute. Making my way to a city in order to capture it for my team, the Red Dynasty, 4 enemy Fighter jets are on me. It is enough to distract me so the enemy can get close enough to rip my hull apart. My drones are easily destroyed by my enemy's 'AAs', and my ship suffers the same fate.

Another go with the the RDS Soviet Union finally teaches me a lesson - drones can be extremely difficult. En-route to an enemy, my drones get stuck in a hillside, and I am forced to abandon ship to change ships. The RDS Barack Obama, a Heavy Attack submarine, would surely do better. Equipped with two 40mm Autocannons and 2 Torpedos, my new sub seemed better suited for close quarters with 1 ship at a time.

A course that would lead me to the enemy spawn took me about 5 minutes out of the approximately 12 minute rounds. Upon approaching the enemy city of New Robloxia, I am assaulted by a Destroyer and a sub, both nearby While diving to combat the sub, my sub literally hits the sea floor, and we basically sink. It was not a pretty fashionable way to go down, but that's what happened.

Overall, i'd rate gameplay at a 8/10. Could use some work, but is very exceptional.
Graphics and GUIs are a 8/10 as well. They are very useful, but could use a little bit of a facelift to correspond with the naval theme.

The look of the game itself was very nice, a 9/10.

Overall, I'd rate this game a 8/10. It could use some touch-ups, but is otherwise extremely successful.