Sunday, September 7, 2014

Building Contests Have Returned!

Ayeeee, pbjms here, and with the return of building contests, you also get the return of me! I haven't written a post in ages, mainly because I've been busy with life, or I just didn't feel like writing anything, because you know, 5 minutes of writing is too much, right?

Anyway, back during a BLOXCast in December of 2013, your favorite fella pbjms asked a wonderful question: Will building contests ever make a return? And Arbirator has been asking this question long before this, since the dawn of time it would seem. Now, with my luck, the question wasn't answered on the BLOXCast. But don't fear my friends, because it was answered in a follow-up Blog Post! So basically, they said that Building Contests will come back at some point, but they just need to figure out how to balance them out.

ROBLOX University_Image
Anyways, they were stopped because they were very unbalanced, but now they're back, and oh dang, it's AMAZING. So, with the premier of September's ROBLOX event, ROBLOX University (which isn't very good), they announced a building contest! The first one since 2010! I'm writing this article because the way to find it isn't very obvious- you have to scroll all the way down on the ROBLOX U page, then click the picture with the contest info around it.
The link brings you to this page:

The event information is split up into many different categories, which I'll quickly go over right now..

-The Challenge: Build an original horror game, name it [CGG]______ and send it to by September 28th at 11:59 P.M. Pacific time.
-Guidelines: Everybody can enter only once, can't be a remake, has to be just one game, etc.

With that being said, this contest is the biggest contest in ROBLOX  history! The prize is the best out of all of the contests; basically like 250$ USD, along with some fame and fortune, and if the game is really good, you'll probably get tons of tix and maybe even some robux if you have gamepasses and stuff like that. And if you don't Dev Ex the robux, you can use it for Halloween Gifts! Oh, and if you work in a team on the place, you'll split the money.

So good luck to everybody working on a game, See you next time!
(Well, we won't see each other, but you know what I mean)