Monday, September 15, 2014

Game Review: The World of Boxtrolls

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Another game by roblox designed as an ad. But this time they might have just done it right.
The objective of the game is to get to the end of the race, but along the way there are a couple of shortcuts to take to get an advantage with adding a very edgy gameplay. When you spawn into the game you get a greeting gui telling you about the objective of the game and gives you the option of choosing out of three different boxtrolls to race with. You can choose to be one of the three main characters: Eggs, Fish and Shoe. Depending on which boxtroll you choose you get a special ability. I won’t tell you what they are because I don’t believe in spoilers. Once you reach the end of the race you win whatever boxtroll package you were  racing with, thats right you don’t even have to get there first, so an average gameplay session should be 14-20 minutes. Even though the gameplay is pretty much one dimensional the Building and scripting speak for themselves…

Building  9/10
Thats right I skipped all the way to building this time:P. Even as I played for the first time I was in awe, the style was a fun, colourful and rich one. With three different environments to race in. But one thing shocked me more than anything else, the map actually looked like the movies map. I watched the trailer to boxtrolls and was very stunned by the pure scale of detail that roblox put into the map with very little parts. It was an incredible replica.In short, good job roblox!

 Scripting 9/10
Theres not much to mark here but everything that I can mark is perfect. The game of course features roblox’s characteristically good GUIs. They always use them perfectly by using ImageButtons.  Another thing in awe of is the music, Its a very cheerful music and it adds an entire new medium. But I still can’t figure out what it is… The game also has no glitches and its the final version. I feel that they could make this into a huge hit, but hey,ROBLOX has a schedule.

Gameplay 6/10
Honestly the first time around its great! but after 20 minutes you will be snoring since it only has one map. However, the gameplay does reward you with on-site items: the various exclusive boxtroll packages and hats. One of which can be bought from the catalog. 

Overall 8
Its a start ROBLOX but you can still do better. I find that The World of Boxtrolls was very enjoyable and should be compared not to other games but to other contests, But even against other games it ranks high enough. This is razecpt sighning off. 

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