Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Roblox Place review: ROBLOX Success

Greetings dear readers, my name is xLando, and in the midst of my inactivity I bring you an article to celebrate our beloved Zakkeh. Congratulations, Zak, you have thought me almost everything I come to now know and utilize in Roblox News. Best wishes, xLando.

Now, this isn't a run-of-the-mill game/place review, it's something new, I like new, bold, forever wild and never tamed. Kidding, naturally, but this is going to be a type of article when I review Roblox and more specifically, Roblox game's and their nature. I will now be talking about the mentality of success, the feeling of making the front page and having a successful page, and what it truly means.

If you watch ASAP Science, or have been in school long enough, you know that our body releases Dopamine, a hormone that makes you happy. Once they Dopamine is released, it goes to a part of our nerve system called our "Dopamine receptors." where the body turns that dopamine into good feelings of joy and a thrill. Our body then tends to crave more, so on ROBLOX, you work harder to produce it, and make yourself happy. When you get enough place visits, your body rewards itself, especially with a large audience. Dopamine also plays part in substance abuse, or addictions to certain things. Say you like Diet Coca-Cola, drinking it makes you feel good, releasing dopamine. Unfortunately, you have to drink more and more Diet coke to get the same dopamine response, as the dopamine receptors shrink.

Photo credit: itshome.uk

So, creating a game, and making it to the front page for all robloxians to see, certainly has a biological and scientific side to it, but what does that really mean? First of all, it takes effort, hard work, and consideration. Say you make a cheap unoriginal game but it somehow makes the front page, reviewers like I, and other RN staff, (CYNICALCHRIS Arbirator,etc..) WILL  see it, and the public will quickly know of the game and it's flaws. Now, good game developers, if they're dedicated, and their game is good enough, could start off popular, but then what? From there, the creator has to update it constantly to keep it new in the eyes of the public, and they have to advertise well, advertising means tix and robux.


              Arb's retirement plan ------->
           (Apologies, bud, had to say it.)

So, in conclusion, getting to the front page with a good game that's worth playing is painstakingly difficult, the reward can be amazing, and to have a constant supply of new games feels even better. In my next article like this I will discuss Dev studios (Pinewood builders, MAD Studio, that kind of thing.)

Thank you for reading, good day.