Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Sale: Day 3

As the third day of the Labor Day sale arrives, it starts off with disappointment, and progressively gets better. For the third day we see new hats, gears, discounts, old items going limited, and even a brand new face! Let's get to the items, shall we?

Day 3

Doge Scarf
Price: 150 R$
Collectable: No 
Recommendation: Do I really have to explain why I don't?
This is just another doge hat to cause controversy in the comments as it seems. It's just another one of the animal scarves except with a (2D) doge head on it. Nothing more really.

Price: 30R$
Collectable: No
Recommendation: Not very worth it if you are looking for a hat to wear. 
It's a cheap hat if you just want to buy it for the purpose of having it. This cap is just one of the many meme hats on roblox. It's a basic mesh, texture, and color scheme but it is very cheap.

Note: Brighteyes's Top Hat has gone offsale.

Rainbow Hatbot
Price: Originally 500 R$, now trending at 750R$
CollectableLimited, 3271 copies sold.
Recommendation: If you are going for looks, this hat is worth it for a not too bad price. It was part of a small St. Patrick's Day sale this year and was for sale twice before going limited. If you got about 750R$ on hand and want a neat colorful hat, this one perfect.

Black Iron Bucket of Ultimate Pwnage
Price: Originally 13,337R$ Now trending at 20,000-25,000R$
Collectable: Limited, 627 copies sold
Recommendation: This is possibly the best doom bucket hat so far (Behind the almost unobtainable MrDoomBringer's Doom Bringer), and is now available as a limited in the catalog, something LMaDers have wanted for quite some time now. This bucket was first sold as a retexture by the user Godsend during the Labor Day Sale in 2013 and was only onsale for a short period of time. Currently this hat is rising in price and has very good demand. If you got the cash (or enough to trade for it) and need a bucket made of gorgeous black iron just as anyone else does, this is certainly worth it.

Price: Originally R$300, now R$100 66% SAVING
Collectable: No
Recommendation: If you are looking to become an adorable penguin, so be it. This package is quite a bit of a discount, 200R$, and is certainly worth it. The package itself it a penguin mesh that allows you to wear any shirt to go along with it. It's a fun little package for the occasional derping around.

Spiked Fedora
Price: Originally 500R$, Now trending at around 1,000R$
Collectable: Limited U, 600 copies sold.
Recommendation: This is a rather strange hat. It's just an average red banded fedora but with spikes coming out of the front. It's quite an interesting mesh and could go with some steampunk items. This hat is currently making 200R$ in profit if you purchased it for the original 500R$. If it is worth it or not is completely up to you for this one.

Diamond Blade Sword
Price: Originally 1,000R$, Now trending at 1,300-1,500R$
Collectable: Limited U, 500 copies sold.
Recommendation: This cool looking sword is not that bad gear-wise. It's got a great shiny texture, has light blue sparkles, and looks great with use in game. Similar to the Rainbow Katana, it leaves behind a swish effect as it duplicates itself when swinging then those duplicates fade away. Did I mention pretty blue sparkles?  The economic aspect on the other hand is not too great if you were an original buyer. It is not really profiting but if you are looking to get it now, it is not too bad at the current selling rate. If you are looking for a gear to use in game, this may be something to check out.

Rain Bophones 
Price: 250R$
Collectable: No
Recommendation: As what may be the final hat to the colored headphones series with this particular mesh, this is a fantastic, vibrant retexture. Even though the hat's name is an expected pun, it is still a neat hat. The series began with the Ice Coldphones, and was continued with the Flaming Hotphones. After that there was supposedly supposed to be new golden ones, but those were apparently trashed. Now comes the awesome looking Rain Bophones. Worth the 250R$ if you're looking for something colorful. These go well with rainbow hats like Rainbow Hatbot and Rainbow Sombrero.

Not sure if...
Price: 150R$
Collectable: No
Recommendation: Ever wanted to look really confused? Well now you can with the Not sure if... face! Ok yea you probably haven't but with some shades this face may look pretty cool and possibly worth the 150R$ depending on how you use it. Also, not sure if this face is a tired face or confused face...