Saturday, September 6, 2014

PaleEclipse: New Summer Intern!

Hi, I'm Pale a new summer intern at Roblox news.

I joined in 2013, when a friend of mine was moving away he gave me my ROBOX account as a present.As soon as I started playing the first game I played was Paintball, by daxter33. I was hooked on it, I played it every day for atleast a couple of months before I got builders club.
Now I'm more into GFX designing than anything, I enjoy it and find myself spending more time doing GFX designing for people than I do playing games with friends. I enjoy making Profile Thumbnails the most as I can play around with the effects on Paint dot Net. And I love seeing how good the finished product is.

I'm British, and I'm also an athlete, I compete in football and rugby tournaments for my school and my local club. I also love reading as I enjoy the suspense books give to the reader and the way you just can't help but want to keep reading. When I read I like to think that time has stopped completely. But of course it hasn't.

I've recently started to create better products in graphics designing, for my friends. I have also started using CMDUtl Streamline, it is a plugin that allows me to rotate and move parts of my ROBLOX Character, as a model. I have also got a big part in an anime community, Fairy Tail Online.

I have a large amount of experience gfx designing and in analytic literature; my skills in literature and my vast vocabulary help me in fully projecting my opinion on an item. There are a lot of items to be reviewed, and I want to review them! At the end of this internship I hope to be a full time catalog reviewer and have a permanent job at Robox News.