Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Introducing myself! The new Intern! Cthonus

CthonusHello there! My name is Cthonus, I'm a 14 year Computer IT dude thingy. Everybody considers me a Russian even though I was born in America; specifically Florida; and I still live in the same town! My favorite hobbies....are computer related stuff...and that's it. I'm just a homosapien sitting in a chair while typing this on my custom built PC.

My favorite things to do on Roblox!:

I do a lot of things on ROBLOX; I mainly build for free; because I enjoy it. I play games and usually do stuff with groups and such; I mainly work with a studio called Dimension Studios.

What will I be writing and why?

I'll be writing mostly about all the games that users play. Why did I choose this role? Well because you guys kinda only have on Game/Place Reviewer and two; I am not rich; infact I have 3 Robux, so I can't really review catalog items unless I use Seranoks place to do so. And also it's my favorite one to write and advise other people on how to make and build games properly sometimes because that's one of my main hobbies that I do on ROBLOX myself

What do I want to achieve by the end of my Internship?

I would want to achieve a job spot here, and if I do well, I will!
I will hopefully become the most active writer on here! Though my internship will end around the end of September

P.S Feel free to PM any questions to me on ROBLOX; my username is Cthonus. I reply to all messages......."All!"