Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Firebrand

On May 19th, 2012, another classic sword from Shedletsky's Sword Fights on the Heights IV was released on the catalog. This one released was the Firebrand and I'll explain some special things about this sword.


The rumors of the Firebrand coming out started on May 18th, 2012, one day before the actual release. There was another sword in the catalog named the Firebrand, but this one was a different sword and not the actual classic one from Shedletsky's game. On that day, oddly enough that Firebrand was renamed, "Faux Firebrand", and BrightEyes tweeted about the name change. For those who don't know, Faux Firebrand means Fake Firebrand. That sparked a huge wildfire of Firebrand rumors, and the next day it was released at a whopping price of 20,000 robux, and only 100 in stock. The Firebrand was the second most expensive limited item in the catalog, only to be beat out by Telamon's Foe Hammer.Unlike Telamon's Foe Hammer, the Firebrand sold out quickly, like all of the other Sword Fights on the Heights IV swords. The Firebrand is also the most expensive Sword Fights on the Heights IV sword at the time. (Darkheart was 2000, Illumina and Venomshank were 5000, Ghostwalker was 12000, Windforce was 15000, and Firebrand was 20000.) It's now selling around 50000 robux.

The Firebrand is one of the special seven swords that can be found in SFOTHIV (Sword Fights on the Heights IV), and it is pretty big. This sword is dark red to represent the fiery power inside the Firebrand, and is bigger than a normal sword. It's about as big as the Venomshank, another SFOTHIV sword released in last December. It's pretty powerful, and is not affected by the Ice Dagger in SFOTHIV. However, the Ice Dagger isn't in the catalog yet so the Firebrand really doesn't have any special powers. Yet. It's a likely guess that the Ice Dagger will be released some day in the catalog, as it's the only SFOTHIV sword left that hasn't been released. Here's the review:

Mesh: 9/10

Pretty much the classic sword mesh, but bigger. I love it, and it just as that classic feel to it that many players love.

Texture: 10/10

The texture is like a red version of the Venomshank's green texture, but it just looks epic on the sword. It all blends well and looks like something no one would want to encounter in battle.

Ability: 9/10

Now, this is what I have to criticize a bit on. This sword is excellent at quickly killing your opponents, but it doesn't have any special abilities like the other SFOTHIV swords. This sword isn't affected by the Ice Dagger like I said before, but the Ice Dagger isn't even a real catalog item yet. Pretty much, this sword is just a good damage dealer, but it is much more useful than some other gear items in the catalog. Many investors admit that the other SFOTHIV swords are better than the Firebrand but it's still a good sword.

(NEW) Price and Value: 8/10

I also have to criticize on this. The Firebrand is definitely not worth 20000 robux, in fact I like the Venomshank and the Windforce much more than the Firebrand and they were less expensive. Even the two swords combined don't add up to or over how much you had to pay for the Firebrand. One of the reasons it's this price is because people are getting richer and richer every day, so prices go up. There's also the fact that there are only 100 in stock, making it pretty rare. Really, the biggest reason is that it's a SFOTHIV sword and they have such high demand. As for getting it to make profit, I'm predicting the price will stay around 50k and not change for a long time. Meaning, you could only have made profit on this if you got it for 20k. 

Overall: 9/10

It's a pretty great sword, and is very rare. It's not as good as some of the other SFOTHIV swords because it doesn't have a big ability, and it was sold higher than it should be. The Ice Dagger might come out some day to finish up the SFOTHIV sword collection, though nobody knows.

-NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager.