Monday, May 21, 2012

New ROBLOX Event: KREO Battleship!

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You may have noticed, for some time now ROBLOX has been making games to promote certain things. (Such as the Cartoon Network show and movie Level Up, the Disney XD show Lab Rats, and The Three Stooges movie.) Their newest promotion is for the KREO Battleship building kits. There are two cool games themed to look and feel like a KREO Battleship kit, and those are the KREO Battleship Scavenger Hunt and the KREO Battleship Showdown!

I'm first going to talk a bit about the KREO Battleship Scavenger Hunt. In this, you have to explore the surrounding area and look for the hidden KREO items. By completing this task, you'll receive the Mission Success badge and subsequently awarded with the Hopper Hat. I won't reveal where all the items are hidden, but I will give you a clue: if you look hard enough you'll discover some quick paths you can take to collect all the items.

Mission Success (Creator: KREOBattleship)

The second KREO Battleship game is the KREO Battleship Showdown. The game works like this: if you are a crew member, you must hold off the aliens attacking your ship with the various guns and missile launchers located throughout the ship. If you are the alien commander, you must use a special GUI to place alien ships and boats around the battleship. I'll talk about the achievements (badges).

When you Have a Hammer
This one is the easiest achievement to get.  You simply have to shoot down an alien jet with missiles. 

When you Have a Hammer... (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Humans Victorious
To get this, you must be on the human team and survive against the aliens for five minutes. Working together and shooting as many aliens as you can helps accomplish this goal. By winning this badge you earn the KREO Battleship Admiral Shane hat.

Humans Victorious (Creator: KREOBattleship)
Davey Jones' Locker is Stuffed
Another simple achievement, to get this shoot down 10 alien boats. Alien boats are huge so it shouldn't be very hard to defeat them.

Davey Jones' Locker is Stuffed (Creator: KREOBattleship)

First Kill
This one isn't very easy, to get it you must shoot down the first alien jet/ship of a round.

First Kill (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Alien Command Victorious
You have to win as the alien commander to get this badge, as well as a KREO Battleship Trophy. However, there is only one commander per round. To become the commander you must be the human with the most points. (To get points shoot down aliens). The best way to win as the alien commander is to create tons of alien jets near the ship, because alien jets are very hard to destroy.

Alien Command Victorious (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Top Gun
This one is pretty tough, to get it you must shoot down 20 jets. It's tough due to fact that alien jets are super fast and very small.

Top Gun (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Super Human Resilence
Currently the hardest achievement to get at the moment, you must survive an entire round as a human without dying. The best way to do this is to find an area on the ship where barely any aliens attack.

Super Human Resilience (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Glocked It
This is the last achievement, and is unobtainable at the moment. The only way to get it is by shooting down a jet with a glock, but there are no glocks in the game so you can't get it. In fact, it even says in the description of it, "You shot down a jetfighter with a glock. How do you even do that!?!", implying that this achievement is impossible to get.

Glocked It (Creator: KREOBattleship)

The KREO Battleship Showdown is a fun and great game. It is very creative, and well-built, plus there is barely any lag unless you are using a really old computer. 

There are also two ticket hats for sale. Both are on sale for just 1 ticket each!

KRE-O CapKRE-O Battleship Cap

-NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager

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