Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Overseer Vs. The Knightmare Review!

Hey! Today I'm mixing things up by doing a "Double Review", which is where I review both the items in one review, compare them, and then announce the winner. Today I will be reviewing two of the packages added to the catalog at the weekend called: The Overseer and the Knightmare. Here we go!

Mesh: The meshes of both these bodies are fantastic; both very futuristic, and warlike too. However, the Knightmare's legs look like a bird's, which isn't very fitting, and the Overseer's legs are a bit undersized. I think the leg-making skills need to be practised. Knightmare: 8/10 The Overseer: 8/10

No one wins this round as it is a tie!

Texture: The textures are easily the best part of these bodies; nice colours, perfect and vibrant. Wait, are those EYES on the Overseer's chestplate? They look like Cat's eyes. A green version of the Crimson Catseye... *makes prediction*. The Knightmare's texture is nice and purple, has no cats eyes on it, and also has nice shading. Knightmare: 8/10 The Overseer: 10/10

The winner of this round is the Overseer! 

Value for Money: The price for the Knightmare is currently 625 Robux, whereas the Overseer's price was  1500 Robux (it's offsale now). Bit of a price difference, but that's not too much of a worry. The Knightmare was kind of worth it's price tag, with spiky spikes on it that look like they could cause a lot of damage (but can't. It would actually be really cool if it did *hints to Roblox admins*). The Overseer came with mini-Crimson Catseyes on them, which are usually thousands of Robux. Knightmare: 7/10 The Overseer: 9.1/10.

The winner of this round is also the  Overseer!

Overall the Overseer WINS! Too bad it's offsale. If you got one, you should know it was totally worth the money. The Knightmare is also very good, the penguin feet annoy me however.

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