Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gear Review: A More Elegant Blade

Ulquiorra98, coming to you with his first gear review for ROBLOX News. Today, we'll be discussing the good and bad of the A More Elegant Blade, which was released just recently, and has already become quite a popular gear. Now this blade, as most of you have probably noticed, looks exactly like that of Darth Maul's (the main antagonist of the first Star Wars movie), and news of this new "lightsaber" from ROBLOX has been spreading like wildfire among players. Now, in my sample review for RN, I compared the Chartreuse Periastron Gamma to the lightsabers of Star Wars, but this-- this is virtually an exact copy of one! I'd go on about this aspect of the gear, but if I do, the "Appearance" section of this review will be practically empty. Speaking of reviews, let's get to ours:

Abilities/Effects: 9/10

The number of different features this sword has in store for you will blow you away. Clicked once, a single fire-red blade will emerge from the handle; this single blade gives you the power to take away nearly 75% of your enemy's health! Press "Q" and watch as a second blade emerges from the hilt, ready to take on the opposition. Click while the sword is in this mode, and knock out all around you with it's cool windmill-sword feature. Furthermore, if you press "X," the sword will split in two, which means double the trouble for those noobs without your epic laser blade. Wait, we're not done: Click the blade again and you can zoom past your enemies, dealing them damage at the same time! Order now for $19.99 and we'll throw in a second one, absolutely free (lol, just kidding)! After finding out all of these neat effects this sword has, I couldn't possibly give it anything below a 9!

Appearance: 8/10

Now it's time for me to rant on about this blade and its very obvious connection to Star Wars. Personally, I think it's a very sleek, long, and deadly blade (all the things I look for in a good sword), though it definitely lacks in originality. Now if Lucasfilms had come up with the design after ROBLOX (instead of the other way around) I would've given this sword full marks. Oh well, no gear item is perfect (except for, perhaps, Darkheart). Back to the ranting: Not only does it look like Darth Maul's blade, the sound it makes as the blades appear sounds like it too! In fact, the only thing that I think differentiates this from a lightsaber is the name of the gear. They might as well make a Darth Vader mask along with a Stormtrooper Blaster now.

My little laser sword and I.

Pricing: 9/10

For all the cool advantages this sword gives you, and for it's looks, I'd say it's price of 2,000 ROBUX is fairly decent. 300 or so have been sold at the time I'm writing this, which is quite a few, seeing as it's just been released. It'll be going off sale in about a day (there's a chance it might go limited) so you better cash in those ROBLOX game cards quick! Actually, I might consider buying one myself...

Overall: 8.5 - 9/ 10

What can I say? It's a pretty epic sword with a lot of power. Nice looks; nice price; nice buy. Here's something you might find interesting: When it first came out, it was up for 2,000 ROBUX, but it was a rentable gear that expired in 1 day! Now that I would not think of as a good deal.

Ulquiorra98 signing off. Oh, and "May the force be with you" :P
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UPDATE May 20th, 2012: Looking through the comments section (again) I have noticed that many players are complaining about the fact that the sword tends to break, or not work, often. Though I did not experience this problem while testing it, you may want to take this glitch into consideration when buying. I'm sure ROBLOX will fix it soon, though.