Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Retexture Contest: Hats For Heroes!

Memorial Day is fast approaching and what better way to remember the brave soldiers who have fought in wars across the globe; than by making retextures! These retextures should be military themed; perhaps create a beret or a detailed helmet? Or how about a embroidered officers cap? There are many possibilities! You can deisgn a hat to represent your countries armed forces or even create replicas of helmets and berets worn by real soldiers during history! You could maybe create WWII headgear such an American infantry helmet or perhaps a British officer's cap? However you could also create retextures for military forces that are forgotten such as the Australian and New Zealand infantry and the French too!


To enter the contest, simply:

1) Create a retexture on ROBLOX and upload it as a model. If you are new to retexturing, check out this awesome guide! Ensure that you include the tag 'Hats For Heroes' Retextures' in the model's description.

2) Email a link to your entry to Entitle the email 'Hats For Heroes'. You can send up to 3 entries to us, make sure to include these in the same email.

3) We will view all entries and decide on a number of winners. Winners will be shown to Brighteyes and Tarabyte - two ROBLOX administrators.

Good luck!

(Contest logo by Phantomazing)

Editor of Roblox News