Friday, August 31, 2012

Exponential Rocket Launcher Gear Review!

Hey guys, BillCheesey5's back, and still wondering why he's talking in third person.

Anyways, it's been ages since I wrote a review, and it's been ages since I made a gear review at that. Let's go!

Exponential Rocket Launcher

Mesh: The mesh of the gear has not been used before (not surprising, there's not many gear retextures these days), and it looks really nice. It's nicely shaped and meshed. It has the end (or top, or tip) of a rocket (or the ammo) sticking out at the end and it proves rockets are actually going to shoot out and not muffin cats.

Or Nyan Cats for that matter.

Anyways, this mesh is nicely shaped, and it recieves an overall 10/10. It even has a trigger!

Texture: This launcher has yellow racing stripes (even though it's not a car... I hope) and the tip of what we can see of the rocket has a dark green colour. There's what appears to be a button on it which is red, so again, more colours. The rest is just really a grey-ish colour, but that's good.

Because if we had a rainbowtastic and happy rocket launcher covered with smilies in our hands, no one would take you seriously.

Overall, the texture gets a 9/10. I honestly expected to see a bit more blue.

Public Enjoyment: Again, (like usual), I'm heading to Twitter to see what people think of this gear.

@DGProStudio: "Futurist..ic?"

 @Phantomazing: "I haven't used it yet, but I like the mesh and texture, and it sounds pretty powerful."

@Nate_Wenger: "It's quite detailed with the texture, the mesh looks pretty rad, and it sounds like it is a 1 hit kill just by the name."

(If I ever use your tweet here, tell me your favourite colour and I'll use it on the username in the article!)

So it appears it is quite enjoyed by the public, nothing bad, as far as I can see.SO it gets an overall 10/10 on Public Enjoyment.

Overall: Overall, the gear receives a 9.5/10. A perfect mesh and enjoyed by the public, and a good texture. Link to the gear:

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