Friday, April 26, 2013

Gear Review: Deluxe Blue RoPed

Deluxe Blue RoPed

Welcome readers! Chubbs21 here again with another gear review! Today we will be reviewing the Deluxe Blue RoPed!

Mesh: 10/10
It's exactly like it's it supposed to look like, an electric scooter. I happen to have one so I know that it looks good. The base seems to be just like mine, and so do the wheels. (Except the colors and stuff of course) There is no mistakes in this scooter.

Texture: 8/10 
The texture nicely fits all the interesting parts of this RoPed. On the base there is a cool arrow pattern with the ROBLOX logo on it. The only thing that upsets me is there really is no texture on each part. Just a simple color. Roblox could of at least made the tires like like tires and the metal parts with a steel like texture or so.

 Controls and Abilities: 8/10
To control this gear, just use the WASD keys.
It is pretty hard to turn with the A and D keys because it usually turns to far.
To speed up, hold W. To slow down and/or go backwards, hold S. This RoPed is noticeably faster than the red one.

Money Value: 9/10
The cost of this deluxe RoPed is 500R$ just like the red. I say it's worth each robuck. Even though it may be a BIT expensive for some, I really like it. It's fun doing tricks and flips and races with this scooter!

Overall: 8.75/10
The mesh of the scooter is really cool, the texture is fine, the cost is just fine. the controls could use a bit more fine tuning to improve handling, but is very fun to use in a race!