Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hat Review: Speech Bubble

Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble- Hatched TL;DR Egg

This Speech Bubble hat hatched from the TL;DR Egg, an egg you could obtain from clicking an ad on the site during the 2013 ROBLOX Egg Hunt. It's a cartoon-style 3D Speech Bubble that floats next to your head. It's really plain and lacks detail, but there really isn't much detail you could put into something as simple as a speech bubble. 

Texture 8/10
The texture is simple, with the plain colour resembling a cartoon bubble found in a comic strip. The only problem I have with the texture is the shiny parts of the outline which are added to a lot of new ROBLOX items which are in my opinion, unneeded. These gives the impression that the speech bubble has been scratched or is worn in some way. Pure block colours like the classic Question Mark hat would have been more appropriate. An improvement to the texture would be adding text to the bubble - something like 'Noob' or 'Haxxor' would have added comical value to this hat. 

Mesh 9/10
While the mesh is simple in design, it resembles a speech bubble very well. With a sharp circular design and well placed comma it is perfect for all your comic book needs. The raised outline of the bubble is a nice finishing touch. The mesh of this hat is near perfect

Pricing 10/10
While it was a little harder for NBC players to find as they had to battle numerous offsite ads, it was pretty much a freebie to all. Can't complain about anything that is free!

Overall 9/10
With both a simple and effective mesh and texture, and being a freebie to obtain the Speech Bubble thoroughly deserves this high score. My only main complaint (which is unrelated to the hat's quality), is the fact that you do not keep the egg that the item hatches out of. This, in my opinion, is a far better way of pleasing players - if they don't like the egg they get an extra item to use, and equally if they don't like the hatched item they can wear the egg. Egg hatching occurring like Christmas gifts would be awesome. 

Post by Arbirator and Axelthehedgehog.