Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Strobe Tournament: Join Our Team!

Strobe Tournament!

What is this? 

Strobe is a game being developed by the brilliant user, redditor, WhoBloxedWho and 3DShooter. It was started a while back at this place. The game is very well made and is an exciting game to play, I personally can spend hours playing it without being bored.
I suggest reading the information page on the game for detailed controls.

What weapons are there?

There are 5 classes to choose from:


A class with a rocket launcher type weapon that can damage within a certain radius but takes more energy to fire therefore longer reload.


A class with a machine gun with low damage but fast fire rate. this class also feature a shield which (when hit) you don't take any damage. This class can also heal teammates by firing at them.


A class with a semi-automatic rifle. This weapon is very accurate and great range with reasonable damage and not much energy used per shot.


This is a shotgun style weapon with a short range but good damage. It can be very effective when used properly.


As the title says every time you re-spawn you get a random class.

What's the point of this post?

Today (9/4/2013 or 4/9/2013) redditor posted on his group Team Rudimentality saying that there was going to be a tournament soon. 
redditor's post on the group wall.
Now, why am I telling you this. I have had the idea that Roblox News can put forward a team for this tournament and win (hopefully). 
If you want to be in the team please send a Private Message to me (LOLFUNNY12345) with the subject "Strobe" and/or add me on skype and talk to me my name is "lolfunny12345" and/or tweet me @roblox_tweeter .

It will be mainly whoever enters first gets a place but if not then better Strobe players will get priority. Entries for staff and readers are both welcome.


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