Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day Hats 2013!

This Earth Day, ROBLOX decided to mainly release a couple user retextures (and one other hat). Here's a summary of everything that came out.


The first hat that came out was the cleverly named Bowlearth, a retexture of the classic Kilty McJig's Irish Bowler. This hat is worth 250 robux and is a great addition to anyone's bowler collection. With the smart idea of having the Earth's continents on the top of the bowler and the rest being blue, this retexture is a true winner.

 Recycled Cardboard Shades

A few hours after the Bowlearth came out, the Recycled Cardboard Shades came out. These shades are a retexture of the infamous Peach Thug Shades by the renowned IBarrageI. The original Peach Thug Shades are limited with 50 in stock and at 50,000 robux (they're still selling, and will probably be the most fail limited ever sold). However, these shades, even though they look better than the Peach Thug Shades, were 25 robux with 15,000 in stock. They are currently the most non-rare limited in ROBLOX, and pretty much killed any demand left for Peach Thug Shades. (SERIOUSLY, ADMINS. GIVE THOSE SHADES A TIMER.) Currently they are selling for 250 robux and look good with the other recycled hats.

Recycled Cardboard Fedora

The last Earth Day hat released before Earth Day was the Recycled Cardboard Fedora, another retexture by IBarrageI that came out minutes after the shades were out. This hat is a retexture of the current modern fedora mesh (used with hats such as Skull and Crossbones Fedora, Sweetheart Fedora, Fried Chicken Fedora, etc.) Again, it uses the theme of a literal recycled hat. Currently it is 100 robux and BC only, so it's a pretty good deal for a fedora.

Earth Day 2013

The first hat released on Earth Day was the Earth Day 2013 hat by godsend, aka stickers000. With a simple design and a nice addition to the irish cap series, this hat was a great deal for 10 tix. However, now it is offsale, one day after it came out. 

Little Seed

The only non-retexture released was the Little Seed, a strange hat that came out for 5 robux - an excellent bargain for non-premium players. According to the description as time goes on this hat will change (or should I say, grow) into other hats and change the price for those who didn't get it. I won't spoil ultimately what this will become, but here's a hint: What can a seed grow into? 

Recycled Cardboard Top Hat

Recycled Cardboard Top Hat is another published retexture by TheEasterZombie of the classic tall top hat mesh. I give this retexture credit for the cardboard retexture inspiration, and for mostly being a handmade texture. Like other tall top hats, this top hat is worth 500 robux and is definitely not a waste of money.

Earth Knight

The last Earth Day hat was the Earth Knight by Sporeman15, a retexture of some helm mesh which I have never seen before (if you know what one please pm me). This was limited at 100 robux, and had 2013 in stock. It is currently selling for 400 robux and has an excellent texture. What I really like about this one is how the Earth is used as the top of the helm. 

Overall, this Earth Day had a lot of great retextures. My only concern was that 3 cardboard hats might be too much, and I'm hoping for a bit more creative themes next year. However, summer retextures are coming up, and that is usually when really good limiteds are released.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager