Saturday, April 27, 2013

Random Hats Going Off-sale?

Note: this post will be updated as more hats go off-sale

Ever since Wednesday, the 24th of April, something strange has been happening in the catalog lately. It seems to be that each night tons of random old hats go off-sale, and why? Right now the main purpose of this is unknown, but I have some ideas. It could well may be that ROBLOX is taking all these hats off-sale and has a plan to make some of them limited items in the future. Or maybe they will be updated into better hats, such as how the Creator's Top Hat was taken off-sale and made into a better hat.
Creator's Top HatCreator's Top Hat
Picture: Old Creator's Top Hat compared to new Creator's Top Hat.

Or it could even be possibly that ROBLOX just wants to remove a ton of items from the backlog because there's too many hats. The choices of which hats go off-sale is also unknown, however the only thing noticeable about them right now is that they are really old hats. (like almost a year old and greater) Also, some hats are updated and taken off-sale later, so if you find one of these hats, I'd buy it if I were you. Here's a list of the current off-sale hats. (not counting the earth day retextures that went off-sale because they were a special theme)

 Perseus Perseus: Now off-sale with 66 in stock.
Nature's King Nature's King: Now off-sale with 168 in stock.
The Juicer The Juicer: Now off-sale with 199 in stock.
Leather Punk Leather Punk: Now off-sale with 361 in stock.
Trancos: The Services Warrior Trancos: The Services Warrior: Now off-sale with 1,700 in stock.
Woodland Hooded Disguise Woodland Hooded Disguise: Now off-sale with 2,081 in stock.
Chocolate Bunny Ears Chocolate Bunny Ears: Now off-sale with 7,129 in stock.
Copper Helmed Guard of Dasypodidae Copper Helmed Guard of Dasypodidae: Now off-sale with 691 in stock.
Common Superhero Common Superhero: Now off-sale with 550 in stock.
Victorious Victor Victorious Victor: Now off-sale with 119 in stock.
Pilgrim Bonnet Pilgrim Bonnet: Now off-sale with 1,304 in stock.
Red Samurai Helmet Red Samurai Helmet: Updated recently, should be going off-sale soon.
Eternal Frost of Fate Eternal Frost of Fate:  Now off-sale with 1,275 in stock.
Flaming Space Pilot Flaming Space Pilot: Now off-sale with 6,586 in stock.
Lancer Lancer: Now off-sale with 4,471 in stock.
Boar Cap Boar Cap: Now off-sale with 491 in stock.
Future Space Hero Future Space Hero: Now off-sale with 1,776 in stock.
Sabretooth Tiger Sabretooth Tiger: Now off-sale with 1,766 in stock.
Angry Tiki Angry Tiki: Now off-sale with 930 in stock.
Helm of the Dragon Rider Helm of the Dragon Rider: Now off-sale with 806 in stock.
SpiTie SpiTie: Now off-sale with 414 in stock.
Bird Cage Bird Cage: Now off-sale with 2,174 in stock.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager