Friday, April 19, 2013

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2013!

Greetings fellow egg hoarders of ROBLOXia! As many of you are now well aware, the Roblox News Egg Hunt 2013 was launched this week on Wednesday 17th April. In the two days it has been running the game has received 2,380 place visits, 262 favourites, and a total of 7,601 eggs as of writing! The rarest egg so far is the Korbloxian Fabergé Egg and the most common is the Unsettled Egg of Jitter. This year we decided to use a cycle of three separate maps for out hunt - 2 from previous years and 1 completely new map!

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2013! (Grand opening!) _Image

This year, Zinc707 and I really want to step up the game of our third annual egg hunt. We pushed our abilities to new limits with both scripting and retexturing, but also took on a new member of our project team; LOLFUNNY12345. He became our excellent level designer and is the talented individual behind the valley map, complete with caves, caverns, and cliffs high above the map. LOLFUNNY is an adept with the c-framing technique of construction, building

detailed walkways and utilising rotation and axis placement. Our previous projects had never seen the likes of an accomplished c-framer and we feel very are to have him on our team.

Our full team consisted of arbirator (Creative Director and Retexture Artist), Zinc707 (Lead Programmer), LOLFUNNY12345 (Map Designer), TheEasterZombie (Retexture Artist), IBarrageI (Retexture Artist), NonstopEpic (Retexture Artist), DarkGenex (Retexture Artist and Badge Designer). 

The Eggs!
As for the eggs - they are the greatest you will ever see from an RN Egg Hunt! They are extremely varied this year, with some throwing lethal gamecards at you, while others go out of their way to avoid you and teleport around the map. Some have environmental effects which change the gameplay across the whole map, while others product visual affects to signal that they have spawned - the King Midas' Egg for example, will turn every part it touches to gold, leaving a trail of riches behind it.

Badge images designed by DarkGenex

The Gamepasses!
Aiding enthusiastic egg hunters with their sport, we decided to implement some useful gamepasses for users to purchase. These passes enhance the egg hunt experience through granting them with tools that give them an edge over their opponents - especially for rare eggs!

The Egg Magnet 
Buying this pass will grant you access to the Egg Magnet tool in-game. This tool attracts/repels eggs with metallic properties towards/from the player. To reverse the polarity hit 'Q'. Reversing the polarity causes the magnet to pull towards you, the default setting of the gear is to push metallic eggs away.

Protip: useful for collecting rare Fabergé eggs and for pushing Ninjitsu Egg into other players to distract them!

The Rare Egg Compass 
Buying this pass will grant you access to the Rare Egg Compass tool in-game. This tool points to the rarest egg (that you haven't already found) currently in the server.

Protip: Check it regularly and always head in the direction it is pointing - it will always take you to eggs that you do not have, unlike the ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2013 version of this gear.

Currently there are 17 eggs to collect (Korblox Fabergé has been disabled for bug fixes), so get hunting today! More eggs will be added as the hunt progresses - and perhaps some more gamepasses. Among the eggs to be added are the contest winners from the Eggcentric Retextures contest hosted back in March. We are revealing the winners to this contest when the eggs are added to the game, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog and on the Egg Hunt badge list! Also look out for special events we will be holding during the egg hunt and remember to always send us your best screenshots of your egg hunt experiences to, suggestions for eggs are also very welcome!


-Editor of Roblox News