Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hat Review: Alien Hatchling

Alien Hatchling

Alien Hatchling

With the egg hunt coming to a close in only 2 days, the mods are starting to discontinue eggs and one has even hatched already!

The Eggtraterrestrial egg hatched into this disturbing hat, the Alien Hatchling. Unfortunately, when the eggs hatch you apparently lose the egg in exchange for the prize. Bad news for those who enjoy wearing their eggs for show.

Mesh: 6/10
The mesh, although very disturbing and not very kid-friendly, looks pretty cool. It's a squishy blue-green bulb of...alien flesh, I suppose, held by 4 claws with 3 claws coming out of the back of it. It latches onto your ROBLOXians face and probably makes it difficult to get around. Many robloxians joke about the fact that it looks like Squidward's nose.

Texture: 10/10
The texture looks very detailed. There are veins on the bulbous part of the hatchling, and the skin looks sort of like frog skin. I like how they made the hatchling the same color as the egg giving it an authentic and consitent style.

Overall: 8/10
Although very disturbing-looking, the Alien Hatchling does look pretty cool and the texturing was done nicely. And it does go with the theme of the egg, which is good.