Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shoot The Rapids - CFrame Review

Shoot the Rapids - Cedar Point

Although this game may seem like a place, it's actually CFramed, and many non-scripters don't understand the time and dedication we put into these epic games, just look at The Roblox News Egg Hunt. This is sort of like a roller coaster, it's a very neat one too. The game has lots of pathways to the area and the coaster takes place in a river at first, and then you go into the air and down, sort of like a real coaster I suppose.

The first thing I thought to myself when I entered this game was "This is empty?", but then I realized it was just a spawn. I scurried through the pathways and came to a COASTER CART, that was filled with NOOBS. But, remembering noobs are epic, I jumped into the cart with dignity, and began the rollar coaster  ride of my life.

We started off taking a few small turns, very nice, smooth turns. Then we reached a railing that was sort of diagonally pointing vertical, and we naturally went up it, not knowing what was going to happen next. The game is quite a site from the top too, although there's not that much CFraming compared to games like Serene Mill and Tarnished Coast.

We reached the top of the line, and then we realized we were about to take a massive dip down, so I jumped out.. FAIL.

Round 2:
We did the same as above, and this time I didn't jump out, when we reached the bottom of the treacherous railing, we were forced right, and left again. After that we got another horizontal line going up and down, that wasn't so scary, so I lived. We then got bored because the ride had finished...

Now to the review.
The game had many small, detailed CFramed parts, some just hard to appreciate as they were difficult to spot - very subtle. And some were just epic. Lots actually. And so I liked it. The fact that the roller coaster moves extremely smoothly and was scripted by the same user who created the map; a multi-skilled individual.

Scripting: 8/10
Could fix some tiny glitches.

Building: 9/10
Great Cframing and coaster design

CFraming Overall: 8/10
Although they were very small I couldn't have been happier, well I could have.

Overall: 8.6/10
It's a very nice game, but to improve on user experience, the place could benefit with a more exciting coaster track with loops and sharp turns.

~Zakary Wilson