Saturday, April 20, 2013

Updated Review: Flood Escape

~/Flood Escape\~ SAVE WINS! + EXTREME MODE!!_Image
Flood Escape is a game worth visiting. With minigames to keep your attention, and different game modes varying on the skill you possess. 

These skills involve how fast you can move your mouse, turn your character, and jump in this game. Because each level of the flood rooms has different obstacles and some feel like they're impossible, but they're very easy.

I, well, I think we all know my level, hard-man..

Skills right? I would like to see you beat that. 
Well, you probably could, because I'm the biggest fail at obstacle courses ever.

As well as the main part, flood escaping with obstacle courses, you also have a group of minigames, which I mentioned in the opening paragraph. And they can be fun, one is a bit like a round in Quadratum Havoc (reviewed by Arbirator) and it includes getting to the right platform in time. The other minigame is an obstacle course.

This game also includes some small C-Frames which create an beautiful, but tiny details, which are great! I've always been one for the epical C-Frames. And now I have them, finally in one game I have CFramed.

You could say the scripting on this game is amazing, it does what it's meant to do, and that's great. So all those people who say: "The scripting isn't good enough", ask yourself, can you see that code? Does the code do what it's meant to do? And the answer to this game is, no, and yes. You cannot see the code, that would be stupid, but you can tell that it does the exact thing it is meant to - nothing more, nothing less.

This game is very well built and scripted, and made. It's build with structure, it's a strong game, and there's not many games that are about floods and can beat it's stand. So for that, I congratulate the creator. He did a fine job.

As this is an updated review, there isn't much to add from the previous review done by the long-gone RefreshingWater/DxandJohnCena. This is probably the most I can add.

Scripting: 10/10

Building: 7/10
More epical cframes please!

Gameplay: 10/10

Overall: 8/10
There's much to do in this game, and you can never not be occupied in a task.

Thanks for reading!