Monday, April 1, 2013

Persun Revyew: DarkGenex

Hey guis. Just thot I wud join in and givv a big rond of applose fur DarkGenex, our nu ownur. I em shur that he well maik an awsum editur and catch ani mistayks we maik- be it grmaticul or relaitid tu the articul in ani wai. So, withowt furthur adoo, let's get down to revyou.

Abilitees/Affects: DarkGenex has abilitie tu trull ppls lyk lol He es soo funni lolz. I thenk he diserves extra pts for replacyng Crnl Sandurs as KFC supreeme rular. Ye. 67.5/1

Apperanc: 42/10 luks epical. I espshully lyk waflez. Ye. Full credut for extra pts. Gooby pls.

Pricyng: DarkGenex het Catalog at priiice of 1,000,000,000.123812938172398127 Robucks which is a uber snype for u nubs. Only 1 left in stock. Hurry bai urs tuday! Call toll-free numbur 1-800-NOTAREALNUMBUR. Gooby pls. I geev it a 10/1.

Overall: 8893u4912834918329823791834u238/illuminati.

Aiite. Ulquiorra98 signing off.

Fullu me on tweeter. @U98RBLX