Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taking A Look Into The Dynamic Shadows On GameTest2

Well, yes they've been spoken about, yes they're epic, yes they're dynamic shadows/global shadows. The shadows are beautiful, and very, very appealing. Me and our project coder, Zinc707 couldn't stop looking at how amazing those shadows were on Skype. We just were so amazed and we both can't wait to have it on our games.

The global shadows are doing quite well, and the picture above is my step into crossroads to check them out. They are amazing. I tried 2 of my own games out with the Dynamic Lighting on, and they looked perfect; I wouldn't have wanted better. In conjunction with the ambient shadows released 2 years ago, they make the game so real, it's unbelievable. Although we can't see the ambient shadows in Studio, we can see the global shadows, and they make a real effect with floating objects. Here's a picture of my game, "Quest" with the global shadows enabled.
If you look at the floating cave on the left, the dynamic shadows have really taken an effect on it, and not only does the shadows appear, the game seems to have a very effective bloom. And I asked Zinc707 whether the shadows needed increased GPU capability, and he said "no, surprisingly they can run on lower-capable GPUs too". Maybe, with any luck those who can't run Ambient Shadows can run Dynamic. Can't get any better. Best. Shadows. Ever.

Recently, Merely tweeted a photo of a game with Dynamic Shadows, I went to that game and it indeed looked wonderful! I got a screenshot too!

If you look carefully, they really do take an effect on things a few meters off of the ground, which makes them look really good when you character views them.

I praise ROBLOX for this, and I cannot wait until they bring them out to us on

If you would like to view them early, go to

Thanks for reading!