Monday, April 1, 2013

Interview with Mechawaffle!

helo we r intervewn mechaworfle he drawd gud stuf lik this imag rite here
1. helo what is ur name mah real name is Alex k 2. what is ur gendr Boy, srry u dissapointed bby 3. whos ur favrit rbloxian besides tinfolbot My favorite robloxian is Apocalyptical because he is liek the best roblox artist evur 4. do u evn lift Here is a pic of my arm. This is your answer 6. are bananas fud learn 2 count noob lol Bananas r fud. Ihatefred1 is just jelly 7. whats ur favorit drawin [ Content Redacted ] 8. whats de best gam on rblox Obviously ROBLOX Battle by Games. TinfoilBot's games are implied, Like how if anyone answers other than MLP:FIM for a "what's the best tv show?" question 9. whats de best forum Obviously /mlp/. Srry LMaD 10. y u play rblox It motivates me to draw more k. Also the games are fun ye. 12. bioshok infinit is pwn yes or yes Bby pls learn to count What's bioshock? Brb playing CoD Black Ops 2 (he means bioshock infinite obvy) 13. chikn n wafls Needs moar pony 15. train simulator 2013 or farming simulator 2013 U shud watch Sesame street, that hot vampire teaches u how 2 count. Cuz he's a count ye. I don't know whut those are 16. whos ur roblox idol Apocalyptical ye. Double question is double 17. wats ur fav memry on blox 
I have two favorite memories on roblox.My first favorite memory on roblox is the first December I spent on roblox because I loved earning the gifts. My second favorite memory on roblox is when the joined acc SpeedySeat was just starting out with Chair Racing and we watched the game get popular as we worked on it

20. writ whatvr u wnt
Still no Sesame Street? qq

srsly do u ditch school 4 roblox

whatvr u wnt