Saturday, March 1, 2014

Staff Bio: Jackergin

jackerginHello there, it's jackergin here and as you may already know, I'm one of the new Game Journalists here at RN. So, I thought that I would like to take some time to write about myself in Roblox.

 About one year ago, I was at my friend's house when I saw him playing a Slenderman game on ROBLOX.. At that time, I had nothing to play with except for Facebook games but they were not exactly that fun. So, I decided to join Roblox. At that time, the Egg Hunt was ongoing and I really enjoyed it even though I only got 3 eggs. So, I decided to stay, unlike some of my friends who left after a period of time. So, I guess first impressions counts?

 A few months later, a ROBLOX blog post that featured Kestrel caught my attention and I decided to join the group. I still remembered how I pestered asked the staff repeatedly if I could get a job there. Eventually, my lucky break came and I got hired as an Intern and 2 months later I became a Supervisor.

 However, as always good things must always come to an end. I did not come to Kestrel events regularly and as a result of my inactivity I got fired. Soon, I turned my attention to coffee groups. For a period of time, I tried getting a job at Starbucks but I wasn't successful due to timezone issues. Finally, I managed to get a job at Fedora Coffee and even though I have voluntarily resigned, I will always remember the company for providing me with a stepping stone to what I am today.

 Ok, enough of my history; time to talk about what I do on ROBLOX. I regularly spend my time on the various companies that I work for. When I'm free, I usually play Deathrun 2, Catalog Heaven, Strobe and Murder Mystery. I think you should know about me - I am not exactly interested in the trading or more the more economic aspects of ROBLOX.

. - Jack (Jackergin)