Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Moment with Steven1411, Travel Creator

"Hello, how are you doing today?" I ask Steven. He responds after a few seconds: "Great. I suppose we'll begin?"

Steven1411 is an exhilarating example of evolution. Having joined ROBLOX in March of 2011, he has accomplished a lot: creating, maintaining, and building aircraft and airports and even some aviation groups. Recently though, it's been more about the travel than the particular sector he once specialized exclusively in. We're in a room with no doors, the room is dark with a single light. At one end of the table is myself. At the other end, no more than 20 studs away is Steven1411. Steven is wearing a 3.0 body - a suit. I get straight to the point. What follows is an in depth interview with Steven1411, an outstanding example of a ROBLOX aviation creator. Throughout the interview, he remarks to why aviation

Q: Relatively recently, it's been quiet: you haven't released much on ROBLOX lately. Is there anything we can expect from you in the future?
A: "Not really anything else: more details on planes, as i'm currently on a standstill for a project that is much less aviation related."

Q: You've been a bit worked up lately, i'm sure a few people are familiar why you're mostly leaving the aviation scene, but can you tell us anyway?
A: "I want to move my projects out of that sector. It just seems much more childish, there's a lot of hypocrites in that particular community and other judgemental [redacted] in aviation saying stuff like "9/11" to everything I make that is aviation related.

Here's actually one of those things." 

He finishes by forwarding me a puush link of a new train cab that he is working on. It's clear he prides himself on making a rather detailed game/project.

Q: It's very good!
A: Thanks.

He goes on by explaining that recently, he's been demotivated from the aviation sector. After contemplating leaving the game earlier this year, he has had a change of mind. He has returned to the game, but not without a warrant of leaving his once exclusive specialty.

"As I said, people aren't very supportive. There's some potential but it's being extremely wasted. One side of aviation is full of a bunch of people who need to grow up and act their age. The other side is perfectly fine, and I would join them, except their not as enormous as that other side."
I remark to it as a mess - he agrees.

Q: Would you remark to aviation as a fad in your opinion on ROBLOX?
A: "A fad?"

Q: As in like a temporary success or interest.
A: "On ROBLOX it is. Definitely not in real life - I've been interested in it for five years. It's not going anywhere, at least not right now."

He goes on by explaining that half of aviation isn't even there for the art: they're just there because they're bored and have absolutely no interest in aviation at all.

"A bloody edit of an old 737 cannot be converted into another type of plane. It's like most people on ROBLOX don't even know what a plane is nowadays." He starts. "You can't just stick something onto a plane by one person and go, "Oh look, another type of plane by an entirely different company!""

I nod and ask him what his overall idea is, his entire theme. What he believes will benefit people.

"Travel on ROBLOX is going downhill because of all these remarks and pathetic excuses after flights and events. C4s have been served on some flights and many owners of airlines just abuse admin if one ittle insult has been thrown at them..." he starts. "There's no free thought available - only a few succeed in promoting that. Feedback has been pathetic, it just makes more negative thinking."

".. and for those of you who believe in 'too long, didn't read' - here's a tl;dr for you: the service and quality is awful. You'd likely be better treated in an awful airline like Aeromexico Skyteam than in most airlines... even though the owner is still a raging little 11 year old."