Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mission, The Forgotten City: An Interview with the Creator

Mission, The Forgotten City!  (New Ending)

Today Roblox News brings you an interview with djbrian2, the creator of Mission, The Forgotten City - an interesting post-apocalyptic game with a slick interface and matchmaking system and great use of cut-scenes to push the story forward. It features blood-thirsty monsters and bosses, atmospheric lighting, and the option to play either single-player or multi-player. To get insight into djbrian's thoughts on his game, check out his interview responses below. 

Most successful game: Mission, The Forgotten City 
Total number of place visits: 239,877
Total number of favourites: 12,008
Ratings: 290 thumbs up, 54 thumbs down 

Q. Could you give the readers a quick introduction to what Mission, The Forgotten City is about? 

Mission, The Forgotten City is about a city which has been abandoned by its government to prevent contamination from earlier research done with human DNA, They locked down the city without thinking about the survivors, Now they (the survivors) have to survive by themselves

Q. What inspired to create Mission, The Forgotten City? 

My inspiration most came from my sister, she started to build a map, and the story ideas came all by themselves shortly after that, When we finally had the idea of how it all started, it wasn't hard anmore to come up with more ideas

Q, How did you create the transitions between the lobby and game menus to the live game itself? (The black fading squares on-screen) 

I got the idea originally from Quenty's game, Trade Enterprise 2; after that i started experimenting with it, and the way it is now is the result.

Q. Could you explain your thought-process behind the game's class system? 
The class system is from one of the very first versions of the game. I never updated it to how it is in Mission 2, but in upcoming updates you will be able to create a class by yourself, and of course a lot more new weapons.

Q. How did you go about designing the various monsters you face off in the course of the game? 

Most of the monster ideas come from Left 4 Dead, but the way they look doesn't. I just started drawing and after a while, I got the right one.

Q. I understand the game is a work in progress. Where do you play on taking the game from here? 

From this point the game's story is done; but i still want to improve the game graphically and also by adding new weapons and (different) kinds of monsters

Q. Would you say that players will find the game experience easier if they decide to play in teams and tactically , rather than in solo-play servers? 

That depends on team work; if you work (well) as a team, then I would definitely say that its easier, but the more players there are, the more health the monsters have.

Q. The game's introduction screen with the eerie trees and shimmering water is fantastic. How did you come up with this idea? 

That idea came from my sister, she said; 'why don't you make something with an island'.
That's where the idea came from.

Q. Could you briefly explain how you created the lobby, server-list and party system in-game? 

I now have several years of experience with scripting on ROBLOX, and without that I would never have gotten this far; I created and scripted all of it by myself except for the party system, CloneTrooper1019 helped me with that.

Q. How challenging would you say the final boss in the Fogotten City is? 

I would say that the final boss is very challenging; it looks like several kinds of monster combined, with several special attacks which can make it a lot harder to win; it also has a extremely good working AI which is programmed to attack, but also to run away for you when necessary.

Q. The dynamic lighting used in the game's many enviroments is fantastic, especially when it lights up water features within the game such as the first round. Do you have any tips for fellow developers who wish to harness the power of dynamic lighting to the same effect? 

I can only say that when you add dynamic lighting; don't place too many spotlights or pointlights, and remember to place them an a smartly. For the rest you just gotta experiment with it, until you see a nice result.

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It was very nice to take part of this interview, and I hope fellow developers can make use of these answers. 

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