Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Changes for the Worst - Weekly Group Article

Hello guys, here is the first of a Weekly Article Topic. This article topic is based around groups that have not advanced like you would expect, but have instead deteriorated dramatically, leaders that have become corrupt, or high ranks that go bad. This week, the group is The Federal States of America (FSA) and the main topic is their leader.

I know, I know I wrote an article on FSA a few months ago saying how good they were as a whole. Since then though, the leader - Mack4044 - formerly, SirMackSmith, has gone through some 'changes' in his Roblox life.

If I needed to start from the beginning, I would start at about a month and a half ago. Mack recently had started Online Dating a new girl, one with the name of Molly (LadyVarkeria). Molly was instantly made VCiC of FSA and had started acting in a dictator-like way. At first, the other High Ranks and I ignored her, like most people would. Then she started to demote us, and with Mack her loyal puppy in tow, she changed FSA for the worse.

That was a month and a half ago. The group is still smaller and weaker than it once was. Three days ago, I came to FSA's main fort after seeing Mack there, wanting to just chat and hang out for a while. He was in an apologetic frame of mind it seemed, apologizing and repeating his apologies over and over. It was a nuisance to say the least, mainly due to me being out of contact with the group for over a month and only now getting an apology. Yet, I accepted it because he was a good friend, and was a good leader.

What I didn't realise was that he hadn't changed from the harsh, cruel guy he became with Molly. I mean, not even slightly. He was going out with another girl (IsibelDubuque) by the end of the day, and had given her the rank of Colonel. Isibel, despite constant warnings, began Admin Abusing, Team-killing and Swearing. In front of a 9 year old - in front of little children! From the moment she became Colonel I realized Mack had a really bad case of picking girlfriends, and keeping them out of business.

Then the idiocy continued and Isibel was put on a week-long suspension. This involved her being stripped of the rank of Colonel and placed in the rank of Major. Then she stepped even further over the line, telling the other high ranks exactly what she though of them...this continued until I managed to get a VCiC demote her down to [COC] Officer in Training. She quit the group in a huff an hour later. Oh, and Mack was asleep for that whole episode. Today, he comes on late this afternoon and re-promotes Isibel once she rejoins. He doesn't check with anyone on why she left in the first place, not finding out about her suspensions or demotions just deciding whatever he chose to.

I wasn't happy with him to begin with, after seeing him intoxicated this morning with his step-brother (Hazania), both of them AA'ing and cussing around the main fort. He had a go at me blaming me for something or another, and then I left. An hour later I followed him to a different game because he had wisely chosen to stay away from the soldiers at the fort. He was still intoxicated, but had forgotten the earlier argument and was jolly and laughing. He still wasn't his regular self though, so once more I left the game.

Now, about 2 hours ago, after another high rank and I finished a half hour long training, Mack came on and held an Officer training. He was talking to them about punishment and such, and after seeing the 'Punishment Team' spawn I teamed him and the Officers and myself to that team. I then killed us all, telling them I was showing them what happened to people and what to do to disrespectful lower ranks. Well, at least, I tried to, yet Mack had kicked me. He then stripped me of one rank, and then another. Then 20 minutes ago he exiled me at the fort because I told him what he had done was unnecessary and explained my point to him. I also pointed out that because of his earlier intoxication he was probably angry and so that wasn't helping anything.

Exiled. Exiled because I pointed out the truth. Exiled because one guy was intoxicated at a Roblox base which was filled with little children, who I was trying to keep out of Mack's way in fear they would learn things they shouldn't know at their ages.

This one article is based on a personal experience of mine, mostly the others will be from stories sent in by sad members of ruined groups. The Molly part is shortened so it was possible to fit everything else in. I am just here to tell you the truth.