Friday, April 25, 2014

Gear Friday Review: Easter Bunnies and Chickens

Happy Easter everybody! This week's gears were for the season of Easter. Although... I have no idea what chickens have to do with Easter (but Easter bunny gears are acceptable of course).
Update: I am told that CHICKENS LAY EGGS. Why didn't I think of that? I'm stupid. Wow. I am ashamed. Anyways, moving on to the gears.

This week we got 3, Wild Bunny Horde Attack, Bunneh Blade, and Crazy Chicken Bow. None of these were limited, and the two bunny items went off sale on Easter (4/20), and the chicken gear went off sale on the 21st. Anyways, time for the review.

Crazy Chicken Bow
Crazy Chicken Bow
Hit your foes with you your crazy chicken arrows. They'll end up with egg on their face and quite a bit of damage.
Texture/Mesh: 10/10
I really enjoy the appearance of this bow. It looks like a normal bow, but there's a chicken head on top, and a chicken foot on the bottom. There's also wings in between the head and foot, which really makes the bow itself actually look like a chicken, which is really cool. The arrow has a chicken egg on the end, which brings out another unique aspect of this bow. The texture flows nicely with the awesome mesh. Good job on this one, designers.

Price: 9.5/10
The bow is 375 Robux and didn't go off sale on Easter like the other two gears did, it went off sale a day after, on the 21st. Based on the ability which I'll go over below, this price is actually really good. Although, no price is perfect. The gear isn't that amazing, it's just.. great. I could see this price lowering by like 50 Robux, but still, it's a good price as it is. (Also this could have been limited (and should have been limited)).

Ability: 10/10
This gear's ability is very similar to that of the Artemis Bows, although it doesn't allow flight, which is why it's cheaper than the two (it also doesn't have two firing modes). To start off with the gear, it has a really cool reload animation, which really shows the difference when we get a new gear scripter (yay for Luckymaxer). When you hold down click, the arrow moves back in the bow. If you release your mouse early, on purpose or by accident, you will just shoot the arrow without an issue. If you hold down your mouse the whole time, your bow will light up in flames, and then your shot will be a lot more powerful.

Overall: 9.8/10
~good job admins~

Bunneh Blade
Bunneh Blade
This sword will make you fast as a hasty hare and double your walk speed. The speed boost makes it easy to catch up to your foes and use the slash or upper-cut attacks.
Texture/Mesh: 9/10
This blade is a sword with a blue handle and a silver blade. The main aspect of this sword that makes it different from other swords is that there is a rabbit head on it with large ears. Overall, the sword looks nice, and flows well with the "Bunneh Blade" theme.

Price: 10/10
I *BELIEVE* that this sword was priced at 550 Robux, which is honestly the perfect price for this sword. It's a lot if you're NBC, but not too much if you've got a form of BC, plus this sword is amazing. Like the Bunny Horde, it went off sale after Easter, so if you didn't get it, you're out of luck.

Ability: 10/10
This sword does a lot. To start, as the description says, this sword doubles your walk speed to 32, which is already pretty overpowered because that's a lot faster than 16. It has multiple different attacks. On a simple click, you swing the blade to the left or the right. If you double click, you launch up into the air like with the Candy Cane Sword. On your way up, if you hit anybody, they will get tossed up and you'll do 20 damage. Hit them again on your way down, and you'll do 40 damage. It's really well scripted, so good job Luckymaxer.

Overall: 9.6/10
~good job admins~

Wild Bunny Horde Attack
Wild Bunny Horde Attack
When bunnies attack- the true ROBLOX story. Deploy your attack bunny and he will summon all his bunny clan to fight on your behalf. After you deploy the bunny holes spawn and bunnies pop up to follow your commands.
Texture/Mesh: 7/10
This looks gross. Instead of being like, a bell or whistle or something, to call in the bunnies, some how a plush bunny toy has the power to summon 15 rabbits from holes. It's like the whole Witching Hour dilemma, how did plush toys resembling admins harness the power to defeat a giant even witch? I have no idea. Besides the silly idea behind the look of the gear, it's meshed and textured nicely, but honestly doesn't make any sense based on what the actual gear does.

Price: 8/10
Eh, no price is perfect. Based on this gear's ability, I'd price it at around 500 Robux, but it ended up being 750 Robux, which is a bit much honestly. Oh well, nothing's perfect, I guess. Also, this went off sale after Easter along with the Bunneh Blade.

Ability: 10/10
Upon clicking, you will summon 15 rabbits out of holes. You have a variety of options as to what you will do with these rabbits. You can either have them follow you, which is the default setting, or make them stand still by clicking in the air. You can also click a designated spot on land and they will go there, or click on an enemy and they will attack that player. Much like the other two gears, this is very well scripted, so good job Luckymaxer.

Overall: 8.3/10

Overall: 9/10

Great job this week, admins!

Thanks for Reading! Happy Easter!