Monday, April 21, 2014

Winners of the 2014 RN Egg Contest!

As we step ever nearer to the completion and launch of the RN Egg Hunt 2014, the anticipation for the event grows! We will be revealing more and more about the hunt over the coming days, but what we can tell you now is who won our retexturing contest we have held over the last month! There were a number of fantastic entries this year and we believe the competition has been far tighter this year. It was a hard decision choosing the winning three entries, but we also have a number of runner-ups who may or may not feature in the hunt depending on development timings and the demands of the hunters!

Without further ado, here are the three winners of this year's egg contest! 

1st Place - UFO Egg by 4Sci 
2015? UFO Egg
This design was chosen on both its design and concept merits. Whilst it has a sold design with attractive appearance, it was really the concept with the UFO above the egg (which looks like an alien abduction ray) that made us choose this retexture. Development has already started on this egg, and whilst it may look a little different to those with a keen eye in-game I think you'll see the likeness between its execution and the original design's concept.

Clown Egg2nd Place - Clown Egg by mickymack

mickymackWe think you'll agree with us when we say that this design is as creepy as it is brilliant. There's just something about clowns that isn't right. Perhaps due to the film 'It', that could be why. In any case, this utilises the Vampire Egg mesh from 2012 perfectly with a complete redesign of its texture to suit the look of a suitably scary clown egg. It has a fantastically vibrant texture with a rainbow hair effect, clown make up and coloured circus suit. We will have to devise something fiendish for this design. Muhahah.

New Egg of Creepy Smiles3rd Place - Egg of Creepy Smiles by BMWrcks01
BMWrcks01Whilst we are on the topic of creepy egg designs - we think this tops the cake, so to speak. We love the mouth design on this reaching high onto the egg's single face. It has no eyes either, which makes it even more disconcerting. The texture on the teeth looks fantastic with cartoony shading on the whites to add extra depth to the design. When looking at this design, we can form a multitude of ideas for its in-game scripted attributes; something mischievous and sinister will be in-store for our egg hunters.

So there we have it. Our three winners to this year's contest! However, if your entry was not in this list, don't lose hope; we have a number of awesome runners-up that may still feature in our annual egg hunt. Check them out below!
Egg of Radiation by VilleSlay

Egg of RadiationThis is another fantastically designed entry into our retexture contest. It sponsors a great texture, with detail and precision at the same level as a professional graphic artist. The radioactive symbol looks well-placed on the egg behind the dirt and ware on the texture. In this respect, it resembles a metallic material found in a nuclear power station. We have some great ideas we have been toying about for this egg - we'll have to wait to see what's in-store.

Overseer's Egg by Coinfull
Overseer's Egg V3.0
This is a beautiful concept with an excellently executed texture utilising the iEgg mesh. This is our favourite iteration of the Overseer's Egg (there are currently five versions created by the retexturer - this is the third version). The idea of putting the Oveerseer's Eye in the circular area was great and looks extremely attractive to the human eye. The green texture colours are perfect for the Overseer overarching theme and the continuation of the mesh-like (hexagons) background texture was a good move.

Diligent EggDiligent Egg by Coinfull 
We absolutely love the texture featured on this egg entry! Utilising the basic egg mesh so effectively yet producing such a detailed and enthralling texture is surely a work of art. The colours couldn't have been any more suitable, reminding me of a wallpaper found in an extravagant individual's household. Another great design by Coinfull; we have some very interesting ideas as to how this egg could feature in our egg hunt.

Sparkle Time Fabergé Egg
Sparkle Time Fabergé  by IndexFiles 
You may recognise IndexFiles as being the individual who created the the Red Ruby Sparkle Time Faberge that featured in the Official ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2014. Before he created the ruby egg, he produced an original Sparkle Time Fabergé aimed at capturing likeness to the original Sparkle Time Fedora. The colour is quite close, but I particularly like the texture that features on this design, even if it is slightly different from the original Sparkle Time texture. We will likely find a use for this particularly fabulous Fabergé design; so look out for it at a later date!

Those are our main runners-up for winning spots. We do of course have some other noteworthy designs that may also feature in the hunt at a later stage once things are well-under way. This is no guarantee but if the hunt is particularly successful we will consider including some from this list! 
 Starry Egg of the Midnight Sky

Starry Egg of the Midnight Sky by chris12902

Egg Noodles

Egg Noodles by 4Sci

Classic Egg of Jack O'Bandit

Classic Egg of Jack O' Bandit by BMWrcks01

Egg of 8-Bit Love

Egg of 8-Bit Love by VilleSlay

Polka Dot Egg

Polka Dot Egg by Coinfull 

If these eggs are not used this year, they will be considered for use in our Easter project next year! You may be wondering: why have we featured so many eggs in this supposed contest 'WINNER' blogpost? To be truthful the answer is simple; there are so many great designs among this year's contest entries that we simply had to add them to our list of favourites. All have a chance of of being featured in our hunt and the top three are guaranteed a place on our badge list.

I hope this inspires even greater entries in our next retexturing contest and I greatly look forward to the egg designs we see next year.

 Thanks for reading!
Editor of Roblox News