Monday, April 7, 2014

Admin Week

Go admins!

Hello readers, RayMan36 here with the biggest pun-fest on roblox. I'm talking about the Admin weekend items.
You might ask, why am I so late on this? The reason is because Roblox just finished it up with an item from this musical themed weekend. (I might write a post on that later).
I'll be ordering these by worst to best items.

Blockhaak's Press Pass Fedora
Coming in at last place is a lazily done remake of a 9/10 on my fedora rating scale. The original is much better, and cost only fifty ROBUX more. I'd rate this a 2 on 'le fedora' scale, because it has the bad mesh I talked about a while back, plain texture; the press paper looks last minute. Good thing Blockhaak almost always reports digitally!
Tobot Robot
Sure, it looks nice, and is only kind of expensive, but this hat is pretty useless and ugly. But all of the hats ranked 8 to 1 are very good.

Super Ski Goggles
Even though it doesn't scream admin, I can infer it is because a) it was created right in the middle of admin weekend, b) it looks like John Shedlesky's ahircut, and c) "Ski is probably the only pun someone could get out of Shedletsky. Anyway, priced at 100 robux, it was pretty good, even though better winter helmets were made during the winter games by a smart, funny, and overall great person.

SolarCrane's Solar-powered Crane
I like this hat, but it's just sort of useless. Creative and priced at 75 robux, this is a good steal.

Tarabyte's Long Braid
It looks well done and is a cheap 100 ROBUX, but it would probably be hard to tell that this is an admin item, being hair.

Raeglyn's Winged Blindfold of Justice
This is an overall perfect hat. It looks similar to Valkrie helmet and Snake Eyes, but is a little expensive at 500 ROBUX. If you really want it, buy it.

Builderman's Crown of the Builders
This is a nice crown to honour the CEO of all of ROBLOXia. It looks nice, and is relatively cheap at 250 ROBUX.

Gemlocker's Top Hat
This steampunk item is pretty cheap at 250 ROBUX, and it looks nice. The texture is perfect with the shininess of the gem, the worn gold, the colours, and the shading on the outside of the hat.
Crown of Tones
Of course, the limited item takes first. It is making quite a bit of money, and was a great way to wrap up two sales. It fits in with the admin theme because of Brighteye's tweet when the crown went limited.
The twitter account is for a semi-popular ROBLOX admin, Tone. Even though the admin already has an item named after him, he now has two.

Agree? Disagree? Want to ban me for being mean to an admin item? Tweet me @rayman36_rblx!