Sunday, April 6, 2014

ROBLOX Egghunt 2014: What to expect II

Alrighty, now that April Fools and me being inactive and stuff is over, it's time to get into some more serious business. A few weeks ago, I posted this article going over some Egg Hunt related things. That was a few weeks ago. NOW, there are leaks. Yes, leaks. Leaks are things found when users use scripts to find meshes/textures of items that ROBLOX uploads, there's tons of them that are Egg Hunt related. Of course, I won't spoil too much on here, because some people like to be surprised.

To start things off, I'll go over this nice little trailer thingy that ROBLOX released during the March Bloxcast.

In the video, there are some eggs, along with a giant killer rabbit, and a map render. All of this is just concept art. There are 8 different eggs featured on the video, and I'll just quickly go over each one.
Basic Egg - This is shown to just be a simple looking egg with dots, stripes, and zigzags all over, it'll most likely be the egg this year that just sits there and does absolutely nothing.

Snow Globe Egg - This egg is in the shape of a fabergĂ©, so it may be rare. It's a snow globe, with a city on   the inside. This could possibly only spawn in the city area of the map.

Lucky Egg - This egg looks like a leprechaun, with a large top hat with a four leafed clover on it. Getting this egg will most likely involve luck in some sort of obstacle (or It'll just rarely spawn near somebody random that it chooses, and that person will be lucky!)

Tree Egg - This egg is a tree branch with an egg shape on top forming the leaves. I'm guessing that it'll grow to a certain size, or you have to make it grow somehow.

Axe Welding Egg - This egg has a mask on and is holding an axe. I have no idea what it'll do, but It'll probably either attack you or other eggs.

Fire Egg - This egg looks like a pistachio/alien egg hatching/meteor, but actually, it's a phoenix. The "shells" are just wings. I'm guessing this will burn people and fly around the map, or something.

King Egg - This egg with a crown looks like the type of egg that will be rewarded for getting every other egg...

Shield Egg - This egg looks like a shield with, well, a shield around it. I'm guessing you'll have to damage the shield until you break it open and get to the egg on the inside.

Also in the trailer is a sketch of a giant bunny eating a noob, which is most likely the boss. There's also a map sketch and render, so go watch that video.


Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil that much.

The consumables will be potions, most likely. There are potions for health, bunny hops, reassembling (re-spawning?) There's a few others, like some potion of awesomeness thing, but I have no idea what that is.

There will be compasses like usual, along with an egg cannon. There is a sword and a mace, which are either for the boss or the shield egg or axe egg. There's also a flashlight, implying the use of dynamic lighting, and another gear that is going to be really expensive, though that's all I'll say on that.

So far there's 26 eggs, though I'm sure there will be more. Each has a different mesh and texture, and, all together, they look pretty good, though they look lazily done. Last year's eggs were better in my opinion.

That's basically it for now. The egg hunt will probably be out in about a week, so stay tuned on Arb's ROBLOX News and the Blog for egg hunt news, and of course I'll be writing a guide for when the egg hunt actually comes out.

Until then, (or whenever Arb forces me to write something)
Thanks for reading!