Monday, April 14, 2014

Gear Review - Egg hunt 2014 Gears

With another year of eggs everywhere, we get the fair share of helping hands presented to us in the catalog, so today I will talk about the 2014 Egg Hunt gears, are they worth it? Or are they a waste of robux? Find out with me, IceFang, right now :)

When this initially released, priced at 100 robux, rumors spread on how important this gear is to be in the Egg Hunt, when in reality, it is practically useless. The Egglite works as a basic torch which you can use when travelling to light up the caves in the Egg Hunt levels, however, the caves aren't dark at all, and this gear is really not required during your journey collecting eggs.

This is without a doubt one of the most important gears you can get in the Egg Hunt, and is also the cheapest. Priced at 75 robux, this trusty gear will tell you exactly what egg is currently in the server you are, so whenever a egg of your choice spawns, you know when to start looking for it.

As in previous Egg Hunts, this gear points you to the direction of common eggs that are often found the most during the Egg Hunt. This is arguably the worst gear in the Egg Hunt 2014, priced at a costly 250 robux, this is one gear we can easily live without. Most eggs that fall under this radar can easily be found in the first 10 minutes playing. In my mind, it should have been cheaper than the rare egg compass, as it has not got the same importance as it.

The rare egg compass does what it does best in every Egg Hunt, pointing you to rarer eggs unlike the common egg compass. (Not including the Faberge eggs) This is a slightly more useful gear which you can use to find the more hidden eggs in the level. It saves you a lot of time searching randomly across the map hoping to find something, and I would say it is worth the 250 robux.

As in previous Egg Hunts, this gear will launch fake eggs around the map, (But some may be real) to confuse your competitors. This is a more troll like gear which you can use to have fun while you are not doing anything too relatively important, tricking your friends and giving yourself a few lols. Priced at 150 robux, it is the 3rd cheapest gear for the Egg Hunt you can buy on the catalog.

This cloner that you can use in the Egg Hunt, priced as one of the two most expensive gears in the Egg hunt at 1000 robux, gives you a egg of a choice that you pick if another person finds it in the same server. Saving you from hunting, where you can just lay back until someone finds a egg that you want, this gear works best in coalition with other gears, the best pairing would be with the Eggray. Then again, it would take away some of the joy from hunting the eggs yourself, but whatever floats your boat. :)

One of the most useful gears in the Egg Hunt, this device does the same as a rare egg cloner, but the only difference being that it clones Faberge eggs instead, hence the name. This can be the most useful gear for those who find trouble getting the Faberge eggs, as you can simply clone it when someone finds it. I recommend buying this simply because of how increasingly rare it is to find Faberge eggs, especially when there are other competitors searching for the same. With all the good it does, it does come at a price of 1000 robux, which makes it quite expensive to get a hold of, but then again, it would be worth buying. (Unless you are a total pro who can smash through the Egg Hunt without any of these gears, lel)

Overall, the gears this year are not that surprising, with the addition of a few new gears which didn't really work out that well, (Gee, imagine what we might see next year?) In accordance, most of these gears at the current time don't work yet. (Which is another reason they have to fix the game) which doesn't give it as good a rating as they got last year. Have any thoughts on any of these gears which you want to share? Feel free to comment down below. :)
This is IceFang, signing out and wishing you a enjoyable Egg Hunt. Happy Hunting!