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ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2014: Save the Eggverse ~ Guide

THE TIME HAS COME! The Egg Hunt is finally out! Aren't you guys so excited? Well if you decide to read this before you play, sorry, but your excitement will go away soon. The egg hunt is not great. What shall I start with? The Eggs? The Maps? The Gears? Anyways, if you need help finding a secret area in a map, or tips to find eggs, or if you're wondering whether or not to buy a gear, this is the article for you.

To search for a specific egg, use CTRL + F and then search the egg name.

The Map

Alright, the starting map of the universe is a giant terrain egg with others situated in the air around it. The spawn area has portals on it and Easter island statues around the portals. Each portal requires each egg from the past map (excluding Fabergés) to use it and go into that map. Around the main terrain egg are different eggs that are also used as "egg universes". There are 5 different places, each with their own eggs.

This is the map in the game; it is very large and quite basic. There are three hills in the corner of the maps, two of which are important to gameplay. The first one has the spawn on it and a waterfall coming out. Swim in that waterfall to the end and land on a ledge, inside is a cave where some eggs spawn. The other mountain contains Friendship Egg, which I'll get to later.

The eggs in this map are Basic Egg, Egg of Life, Egg of Time, Egg of Luck, Egg of Friendship, Aqua Fabergé, and Elegant Fabergé.

CS2 looks much like CS1, a little better perhaps with more map features such as bridges and multiple caves. There is a bridge over the river which is now surrounded by stone, and it leads to a new village with a church and other buildings in it, along with a farm off to the side. The only secret area is in a lake next to the village. Inside of the lake is a little hole that leads to a cave.

The new eggs in this map are Egg of Partnership, Egg of Space, Egg of Verticality, Poached Egg, Bellegg, and Black Iron Fabergé.

This map looks pretty cool; it's just like the other maps, but there are large buildings all over the place to simulate a mountainous city. It has a fountain, roads - with some drivable cars, and some forestry areas. 
The new eggs in this map are Egg of Frost, Malicious Egg, Luregg, Mercurial Egg, Egg of Cooperation, and Gilded Fabergé. The rest of the eggs are just repeats from CS1 and 2.

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CS4 (Thanks for taking this pic Mechawaffle)

Once again, the map looks similar to the past maps. This time, the buildings from CS3 look like they were destroyed in some great disaster a while ago, and are covered by green moss. One of the buildings is on its side, and has a secret room under it.

The new eggs here are Souvenir Egg, Eggy Pop, Ruby Fabergé, Egg of Flawless Teamwork, Egg of Flawless Deduction, and Egg of Shield.


If you think CS3 and CS4 were laggy, well good luck here. It's basically exactly what CS4 is, but with a giant rabbit statue with a teleport to a giant egg in the sky with the Rabid Rabbit boss fight in it. Good luck getting off of the glitchy spawn guys (seriously why has this bug never been fixed, it's been around for years).
The new eggs here are Sapphire Fabergé, Egg of the Phoenix, Alien Arteggfact, Eggressor, Rabid Egg, and Egg of the Hill.

The Eggs

Now it's time to talk about the eggs. I'll just be giving some tips on how to get them.  Some have more basic shapes, whilst others are bit more 'weird and wacky' such as the gigantic Egg of Space. Some of these eggs have special abilities or 'quest' like properties in order to obtain them, but a large majority of them are simply hidden in the map to be found by players. These hidden eggs, once taken by a hunter, will respawn very quickly so you don't need to camp around their spawn-position.

Basic Egg
Basic Egg (Creator: Games)
So this egg is, well, basic. It just sits there anywhere around the map until you go up and get it, though it rarely spawns throughout the giant and ugly map. The egg itself looks good, it has a normal-ish mesh with zigzag stripes. Nothing much to say about this egg, this review is.. basic. *badum tsss*

Egg of Verticality
Egg of Verticality (Creator: Games)
Is verticality even a thing? Who writes this stuff?
In CS2, this egg can be found bouncing around, simply grab it when you can, and that's basically it. In CS3 and CS4 is is found bouncing on the top of buildings and is far harder to obtain.

Egg of Life
Egg of Life (Creator: Games)
It means everything. 
It's a leafy egg with a tiny little trunk and makes for good hat combos. In game, it spawns up in the trees.To get the egg, you gotta hit the tree, or just touch it, and the egg should fall down so you can grab it. Sometimes it will fly off quite violently and not settle until it is several dozen studs away.

Luregg (Creator: Games)
No one can resist the lure of the luregg.
This egg looks fantastic though, it can be found underwater in CS3, directly under the spawn, well not directly under, in the water, is a hole with lure egg in it, it can also be found in the lake to the left of the spawn.

Egg of Frost
Egg of Frost (Creator: Games)
The cold never bothered me anyway. 
In CS3, this egg will just spawn on water in a big frozen cylinder. To get it, simply, well, get it. It gets a bit annoying trying to line up your "slide" perfectly, but it's not too hard.

Egg of Friendship
Egg of Friendship (Creator: Games)
If you can't count on your friends, who can you count on? (Random people in the server is the answer.)
Egg of Friendship is a simple egg to get. In CS1, go into one of the corner mountains. On top is a hatch. Stand on one of the buttons and have a friend or a random person stand on the other button, the door will open. Carefully drop in and fall onto a ledge. Follow the cave into a room, and the friendly little egg will be waiting for you.

Egg of Partnership
Egg of Partnership (Creator: Games)
Well howdy, partner! 
In CS2, there is a hidden cave to the left of the end of the river. Go through that cave and there's a door with a plate in front of it. That's one of three plates that need to be stood on to make the door open. Another plate can be found above the cave on the mountain, it's a door on the ground that looks like the one in CS1, that's plate #2. The third plate is under the lake next to the second plate. All three of these plates must be stood on at the same time, and the three respective doors will open leading to partnership egg.

Egg of Cooperation
Egg of Cooperation (Creator: Games)
You're on each other's team. Because you're cooperating. 
 For this one, you need to go into the biggest building with the coordination graph in it in CS3. Find all 4 red computers randomly placed with random numbers and get 3 other people with you and step on all the plates in the correct coordinates shown by the red computers, and you'll get elevated down to the egg. The code is different for each server, so I can't help you here.

Egg of Flawless Teamwork
Egg of Flawless Teamwork (Creator: Games)
There is no 'I' in team just as there is no 'I' in flawless.
In the back of the map in CS4 (behind the city), there's 5 plates. Step on them all, and a platform below you will move under you, jump onto it, then step on another set of 5 plates to open a door. Inside, there's another 5 plates to stand on to lower a platform, jump on the platform, and when the platform rises, the egg will be there.

Mercurial Egg
Mercurial Egg  (Creator: Games)
Constant change is the only thing you can count on.
This egg spawns on top of buildings in CS3, so just climb up there and try to grab it, or wait for it to come and give you a hug. It flies around at quite a fast speed so it quite difficult to line up its direction.

Eggy Pop
Eggy Pop (Creator: Games)
I'm a real wild one. An' I like a wild fun.
Under the fallen building in CS4 is a hidden cave that leads to a room with Eggy Pop inside dancing around. To get it, say "I love you" and it'll come give you a nice big hug.

Poached Egg
Poached Egg (Creator: Games)
Poach or be poached.
In CS2, go to the farm area, there should be a bunch of poached eggs bouncing around. Hit it a few times or beat it with your weapon of choice and it'll splat on the ground and you'll get it.

Malicious Egg
Malicious Egg (Creator: Games)
Malicious and nutritious? Maybe not.
This egg spawns around the fountain and takes the disguise of a random egg. When you touch it, minions will spawn and attack you.

Egg of Time
Egg of Time (Creator: Games)
There's always time for an egg hunt!
Instead of the sand slowly running out, it just sits there, in the cave which is located in Egg of Friendship's room. It's kinda of mazey in there, just warning you. This egg also spawns in the cave at the end of the river.

Bellegg (Creator: Games)
Ask not for whom the Bellegg tolls
The bell egg can be found in CS2 in the city, there's a church. In the church, there's, well, a bell tower with the bell egg in it. It does nothing else and makes no sound.

Egg of Flawless Deduction
Egg of Flawless Deduction (Creator: Games)
You just got straight Sherlock Holmes on this egg.
In CS4, this egg is somewhere in the building that has toppled on its side. The building is too mazey and hard to explain in detail, but it's at the grey terrain part; so look around there.

Egg of Space
Egg of Space (Creator: Games)
Some people call me as space cowboy... okay no one calls me that. 
In the hole in the lake in CS2 (see the review of the map up top) is where this egg spawns. A space egg spawning in an underwater cave? Totally makes sense.

Egg of Luck
Egg of Luck (Creator: Games)
If you're lucky enough to find this egg, then you're lucky enough.
"Egg of Luck" more like "Egg of Search and you will literally find it anywhere". It can spawn inside caves, atop hills or even on the grass plateaus featured in some of the maps. The egg itself is a gear, and once you pick it up, click it to get it. You then through the egg on the ground, and it'll either explode (and kill you), spawn a minion, do nothing, or rarely spawn ANY egg (including a Fabergé.) I was expecting it to be very rare and you were 'lucky' to find it, but, uh, I guess this works too.

Egg of Shield
Egg of Shield (Creator: Games)
One shield to save them all.
On the sides of the dried up river in CS4, this egg spawns. Simply push white shield into the water and then find the egg, wherever it is. The shield and egg were supposed to be welded together, but that didn't happen apparently.

Souvenir Egg
Souvenir Egg (Creator: Games)
I think this is an eggcellent souvenir.
In CS4, this egg spawns in the destroyed buildings, usually at the top of the buildings. It will sometimes fall of the building when spawned, which will be lucky for you because it will be far easier to obtain.

Egg of the Hill
Egg of the Hill (Creator: Games)
It's good to be egg.
In the tunnel at CS5 is a cave with the Egg of the Hill in it, though a lot of minions will spawn so be ready to fight.

Egg of the Phoenix
Egg of the Phoenix (Creator: Games)
Like the legend of the phoenix, all ends with beginnings.
In the corner of CS5, touch the Phoenix with the force field around it. You'll respawn on one of the stool things and then you can just go over and grab the egg.

Alien Arteggfact
Alien Arteggfact (Creator: Games)
Aliens love art, eggs. True Fact. 
On top of one of the buildings in CS5 are 5 cylinders. When alien spawns, they will float up and orbit around the egg, slowly rising. You have to catch a ride on one of the cylinders to get the egg.

Eggressor (Creator: Games)
He's pretty eggressive, but you got him. 
Kill every minion in the CS5 King Egg cave area and this egg should spawn.

Rabid Egg
Rabid Egg (Creator: Games)
Rabid rabbits rain rage. 
In CS5, go to the rabbit statue and go in the red teleporter near its base. This'll lead to a giant egg in the sky with a boss inside, kill it and the egg will spawn. It's not easy though.

Aqua Fabergé Egg of Never-ending Winter
Aqua Fabergé Egg of Never-ending Winter (Creator: Games)
"Winter is coming... forever. "

You know, this egg's description isn't what I could have seen it being. Frozen references, c'mon people. These are some grade-A descriptions IBarrageI and I came up with, it's not that hard!

  1. "Shedletsky kept telling me that this egg wasn't good enough to be published, I think he should just let it go
  2. "We wanted to conceal this faberge in the vaults but we decided to just let them know about it" 
  3. "This egg is a bit of a fixer upper, it's just got a few flaws, but we decided to make it anyways" 
  4. "Do you want to build a Fabergé?"
  5. "Be the good fab you always had to be!"
Anyways, this is the most common fab, and spawns basically anywhere in every map.

Elegant Fabergé Egg of Fancy Times
Elegant Fabergé Egg of Fancy Times (Creator: Games)
Oh, you fancy, huh?
This is the second most common Fabergé, and spawns basically anywhere in every map.

Black Iron Fabergé Egg
Black Iron Fabergé Egg (Creator: Games)
When you want strong... you want Black Iron.
This is the third most common Fabergé, and spawns basically anywhere in every map except for the first one.

Gilded Fabergé Egg of Bygone Days
Gilded Fabergé Egg of Bygone Days (Creator: Games)
It's beauty is from another time.
This is the fourth most common Fabergé, and spawns basically anywhere in every map except for the first two.

Ruby Fabergé Egg of Sparkle Time
Ruby Fabergé Egg of Sparkle Time (Creator: Games)
It's an egg hunt where you go hardcore and there are sparkle times on the floor.
This is the second rarest fab, and spawns basically anywhere in every map except for the first three.

Sapphire Fabergé Egg of Sparkle Time
Sapphire Fabergé Egg of Sparkle Time (Creator: Games)
The heart of the eggcean.
This is the rarest fab, and spawns basically anywhere in CS5.

Egg of Destiny
Egg of Destiny
Let me just say that this egg is BY FAR the greatest egg this year. It's amazing. It was originally just an April Fools joke at a fake egg hunt, but it got turned into a real hat. Let me just say, the hat is HUGE! It also has sparkles, and lighting! It's just.. amazing. If you want the egg now and you don't have it, you can't get it again, because it was only at the April Fools hunt. Sorry.

Site Eggs

Eggvertisement Egg 2: Pastel Boogaloo
Eggvertisment Egg 2: Pastel Boogaloo
To get this egg, either wait to see the special Egg Hunt ad, or just click this link,

TL;DR Egg of Eggstreme Aggravation
Egg of Eggstreme Aggravation
To get this egg, go to this link.
The legit way to get it is to go into your Notifications section of your messages.

The Gears

Should you buy this gear? Should you not? Should you laugh at it because it's terrible? Well those questions will be answered in this little part of the guide.

Eggray 2014
Eggray 2014
This opens up a window showing every egg in the server, which is really helpful for when you go hunting for Fabergé. It's definitely worth the 75 Robux.

Egg Cannon 2014
Egg Cannon 2014
150 Robux to shoot eggs that people already know randomly spawn in caves and other places in the map. Not particularly useful in it terms of  putting-off opponents. It is how however fun to use and has the capability of spawning real eggs occasionally - useful if it one that hasn't spawned in the server or is currently broken. Can be worth 150 Robux depending on what you use it for.

Common + Rare Egg Compasses 2014
Common Egg Compass 2014Rare Egg Compass 2014
The compasses are pretty glitchy and harder to use than last year's. Seeing as how there is a set place for all of the eggs except for Fabergés, which isn't led to using the compasses, there is little point to them really. Each compass is 250 Robux, which is a bit much.

Rare Egg Cloner 2014
Rare Egg Cloner 2014
The eggs available to be cloned with this aren't even rare, seeing as how the eggs have no rarity except for Fabergé, so don't even bother getting this gear for 500 Robux, waaay too much.

Fabergé Egg Cloner
Faberge Egg Cloner
To use this gear, select a Fabergé egg from the list, and then whenever somebody in your server find the Fabergé egg you selected, you'll get the fab too, this is worth the 1,000 Robux.

If you want to use 100 Robux on a flashlight that is only used in a game that doesn't even have dynamic lighting and shadows in it, be my guest and buy this (although I guess it does help a little bit in the caves, but still, there's no real darkness down there). It does however light up character in a cool fashion on your profile thumbnail - making your blocky appearance look like it was rendered in 2008.

Compared to the past two egg hunts which rained eggs, this hunt seems like it's, well, not as good. There are few eggs with abilities, such as the Egg of Verticality, and most of the eggs with names such as "Egg of Space" just spawn in a cave.. There was a lot of potential this year, but I don't think the hunt lived up to the hype.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author (pbjms) and not the official stance of the blog, and its authors and editor. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Hunting!
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