Monday, April 21, 2014

The 2014 ROBLOX Egg Hunt - Full Review

Hello everyone! CYNICALCHRIS here with a new game review! This time, I'll be taking a look at the Official ROBLOX Egg Hunt for 2014! This is just me going over the event, as well as imputing my personal experiences with it!
Alright, let me start this off by saying that I understand a lot of you are mad about the constant opening and closing of this event, as well as the eggs themselves. I am a little annoyed by this as well, but you have to understand that the admins don't HAVE to do these events. They do it out of the kindness of their hearts (and the openess of their wallets which we pour into). If you constantly bash them for making games like this, I wouldn't be surprised if they just stopped making them. There were a number of positive aspects to this hunt that will be discussed.

Let's get into the game itself. When you click "PLAY", you're teleported to a hub made up of terrain in the shape of eggs! When you spawn, you're greeted by "Lucky Lapin", a rabbit who has been trapped inside a mysterious energy ball by his evil counterpart,"Rabid Rabbit"! It's your job to search the the different worlds in the Eggverse and try to find all the eggs that Rabid Rabbit and his minions took! I somewhat like this idea, but it feels a little cliche` after "The Witching Hour".

CS1 - The First World

This is the first world you enter. It's supposed to represent (I think) prehistoric, or early human life. There's no man-made structures in this map, so that's the closest thing I could come up with.

There are 2 eggs specific to this map. The eggs are:
-"Egg of Time"
- "Egg of Friendship"

Both are fairly easy to find. That's one drawback about this Egg Hunt. The eggs are easy to find, or at least most of them are. But I still enjoy the scenery and the actual hunt itself! While it only took about 15 minutes for me to find both eggs specific to this map, it was still fun. 

CS2 - The Second World
This is the second world. It's supposed to represent early settlement of humans, or at least that's what I took from it. 

There are 4 specific eggs for this map. The eggs are:
- "Egg of Space"
- "Egg of Partnership"
- "Bellegg"
- "Poached Egg"

These eggs were a little more difficult. The "Bellegg" was SUPER easy. All in all, it took me about 30 minutes to get these eggs. For me, the "Egg of Space" took the longest. You don't expect such an egg to be placed in a secret cave within a lake. Like seriously? Haha well, that's the ROBLOX admins for you! :D

CS3 - The Third World
(Good picture, huh?) This is the third world. You can't see it, but it's a rural map. This is supposed to represent modern times.

There are 3 specific eggs for this map. The eggs are:
- "Egg of Cooperation"
- "Mercurial Egg"
- "Luregg" 

The "Egg of Cooperation" was actually a little difficult for me. Everyone was like "DO THIS!" and "NO! DO THIS!" and so on, and so on. So that was a good 20-30 minutes of wasted time. But it was cool to see the floor drop down into a secret cave beneath the city to reveal said egg. The "Mercurial Egg" was somewhat difficult. I didn't expect it to be flying from rooftop, to rooftop! The eggs actually took around 45 minutes for me to find.

CS4 - The Fourth World
Honestly, this is a really cool map! The buildings being knocked over and destroyed. Pretty good! This map is supposed to represent the future, near or far.

There are 5 specific eggs for this cool map. The eggs are:
- "Egg of Flawless Deduction"
- "Eggy Pop"
- "Egg of Shield"
- "Souvenir Egg"
- "Egg of Flawless Teamwork"

These eggs can be challenging. Especially when you're trying to get 5 people for the Flawless Teamwork egg! Also, the "Egg of Shield" was difficult, for me at least, because some noobs kept coming up and taking it.

CS5 - The Fifth, and Final World
So, basically, this is CS4 with roughly 4 new areas. But, it's still pretty cool. Something about things being destroyed makes me happy (don't judge me!) and I guess that's why I like CS4 and CS5.

There are 6 eggs specific to this map. These eggs are:
- "Egg of the Phoenix"
- "Sapphire Fabergé Egg of Sparkle Time"
- "Eggressor"
 - "Rabid Egg,"
 - "Egg of the Hill"
 - "Alien Arteggfact" 

In my opinion, the hardest egg, not counting the fabergé egg, was the "Rabid Egg". Now, while it only took me 4 tries (I don't mean to brag), it was still difficult. I tried with a total of approximately 16 people and the last try, it was just me and some random guy.

This is not what it looks like BTW
Seriously, there's only ONE potion you could craft (to my knowledge). That potion is the "Healing Potion". To make it, you need to have the "Egg of Life" and the "Basic Egg". You go to "Workshop", go to "Craft", and click both and hit "Craft" under the drop down menu. This potion will restore your health from it's current point to max (100 HP). That is, unless you're dead. It won't bring you back to life! ;D

I don't know if they will be adding more potions, but if they do, I'll make a post and tell you all about it :*

The Rest of the Eggs
These, ladies and gentlemen, are the eggs that are found throughout the worlds! Yes, they're found in worlds CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5!

Such eggs are:
- "Basic Egg 2014"
- "Egg of Verticality"
- "Malicious Egg"
- "Egg of Luck"
- "Egg of Life"
- "Elegant Fabergé Egg of Fancy Times"
- "Aqua Fabergé Egg of Never-ending Winter"
- "Ruby Fabergé Egg of Sparkle Time"
- "Gilded Fabergé Egg of Bygone Days"
- "Black Iron Fabergé Egg"
- "Eggvertisment Egg 2: Pastel Boogaloo"

I really can't say anything about these eggs. The Fabergé eggs are difficult, as always, the Eggvertisment Egg can be found by clicking an advertisement with the egg on it, and the rest are just thrown around the different maps. The Malicious Egg is deceiving. If you don't want to battle a bunch of minions, I'd suggest you get some gear to help you locate the real eggs.

Gears are always a big part of the Egg Hunts. They help players by giving them advantages over those who do not have them.

Egglite - 100 R$
Here you have the Egglite. It's one of the hunts most useless gear! It's a waste of 100R$, and does nothing but make dark places brighter than what they already are. It is obsolete due to the non-existent darkness, but can be fun to shine in people's faces and the terrain when walking around the map.

 Fabergé Egg Cloner - 1,000 R$
This is the Fabergé  Egg Cloner. It's a pretty good gear, if you want to spend the 1,000R$, for obtaining Fabergé eggs! This allows you to select a Fabergé egg, and if someone collects that exact egg, you get it as well!

Rare Egg Cloner 2014 - 500 R$
The Rare Egg Cloner is exactly like the Fabergé Egg Cloner, except you choose a rare egg, and it does the same thing.

Rare Egg Compass 2014 - 250 R$
The Rare Egg Compass is just a gear that is SUPPOSED to point you in the direction of a rare egg that is in the server. From my personal experience, it just leads you from point A, to point B, to point C, and so on, without showing you where a rare egg is! Even on the rare occassion it does point you to the right egg, nearly all the regular eggs (excluding Fabergés) spawned in the same places so you didn't really need the compass - just ask a friendly player in the server.

Common Egg Compass 2014 - 250 R$
The Common Egg Compass is the same thing as the Rare Egg Compass, expect it points you in the direction of a common egg, which honestly, is a waste of money. They spawn EVERYWHERE!

Egg Cannon 2014 - 150 R$
This is just for self-amusement. All it does it spawn FAKE eggs to troll players. Now, it will spawn an ACTUAL egg, but you'd have to sit there for a LONG time before it actually does that. And, I doubt it will EVER spawn a Fabergé egg.

Eggray 2014 - 75 R$
Simply put, cheap and useful. The eggrays show you which eggs are in the server. So, instead of inspecting the ENTIRE map, this pops up a GUI that has all the eggs currently in the server. So, I suggest buying it, and server hoping to find fabergé eggs while using this! Very, very helpful.

Summary of the 2014 ROBLOX Egg Hunt
I understand this post was long, so I'll just summarize it as best I can. I'll rate different topics out of 10, with 10 being "Greatest Ever" and 1 being "Monkeys Made This"...

Maps: 7/10 - Some were creative, some had no effort
Eggs: 6/10 - Some took time to find, some were well made, others were not such as the Egg of Life and Basic Egg
Gameplay: 4/10 - This event nothing compared to the Egg Hunts of 2012, and 2013. It felt like a CHORE to find the eggs after a while.
Originality/Story: 2/10 - Seriously? Something's wrong in ROBLOXia and you have to help stop it? Doesn't that sound a bit familiar? Like, I don't know: "The Witching Hour"?
Scarcity of lag, glitches, broken elements: 4/10 - A LOT OF LAG. This event lagged the site, lagged the different worlds. I lost connection COUNTLESS times, and don't even get me STARTED on the spawn glitches. CS5 proved quite difficult for a number of players with loading issues and reports of many catastrophic ROBLOX crashes - that's never good! Quite a few eggs were broken on release and after numerous bug fixes they have been patched (it only took a week). However the persistence of eggs spawning in the ground brings this score down.

Overall: 4.6 / 10

So yeah, not the best event made by the ROBLOX Games Team, but it was still okay. I appreciate them doing this for us. It could have been better, MUCH better. So, that's all I have to say. Have a good day!


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author (CYNICALCHRIS) and not the official stance of the blog, its authors or editor.