Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Egg Baskets: Part Two!

Right before the Egg Hunt was released, ROBLOX created another set of egg baskets; this set being more expensive than the previous set, which makes all of them risky purchases. Here are the predictions for the final three egg baskets.

Golden Basket of Heroic Adventures

First we have the Golden Basket of Heroic Adventures, which costed 1000 robux and amassed over 2000 sales in the few days that it was buy-able. The description says "To be a proper adventurer you must have the correct attire.", hinting at some sort of good hat. Plus, since it's a golden basket, we could expect a golden edition of a popular hat (possibly even golden antlers!).

Sparkle Basket of Bunny Time  

The next basket is the Sparkle Basket of Bunny Time, and it costed a ridiculous 5000 robux. This basket gained little over 500 sales, and it's pretty obvious what will come out of it. The name of the basket clearly tells that a new sparkle-time themed hat is coming out, and with "Bunny Time" at the end of the title, it's most likely that it's Sparkle Time Bunny Ears. Also, some "sources" have claimed that they have already found evidence that it is what was previously stated. The point is, unless they're really good bunny ears, this basket isn't worth 5000 robux.

Retro Egg Basket of I HasEgg Basket
Left: Retro Egg Basket of I Has, Right: Classic Egg Basket. See the resemblance?

Now for the final basket, the "big basket", which is the Retro Egg Basket of I Has. This basket is probably the worst looking basket out of all of them; it literally is just an orange recolor of the classic egg basket. The Retro Basket currently costs 25000 robux, a price that is much lower than the big Halloween and Christmas gifts. However, it is not really getting many sales due to the fact that this is the first year of Easter baskets, and also because it is evident what will come out of it. The Retro Egg Basket of I Has clearly hints towards a new bucket hat, since the description of the original bucket hat says "I HAS A BUCKET". To be even more specific, I'd bet it'll be an orange retexture of the doombucket line of hats (Ugly Bucket of Doom, Doombringer, and Black Iron Bucket). Buckets do not have great demand compared to other hats, and the release of the Black Iron Bucket seven months ago is owned by over 600 people; basically killing the demand for buckets. My advice: you should have not got this basket unless you really want a new bucket, but you're not going to make great profit off of it.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager